Fairness PAC Endorses Beshear for Re-Election

In the race for Kentucky governor, the Louisville Fairness Campaign’s political arm endorsed Democratic incumbent Steve Beshear for re-election Wednesday. C-FAIR joined the Kentucky Fairness Alliance’s political action committee in supporting Beshear, spotlighting that the governor supports domestic partner benefits at public universities and reinstated an executive order that extends employment protection to state employees… Continue reading Fairness PAC Endorses Beshear for Re-Election

Berea City Council Approves Creation Of Human Rights Panel

The Berea City Council has adopted an ordinance that will create a Human Rights Commission to investigate discrimination complaints. But activists are upset that the council declined to consider an ordinance  that would offer protections from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The council had been considering  a fairness ordinance similar those on… Continue reading Berea City Council Approves Creation Of Human Rights Panel

Fairness Leader Believes Gay Marriage “Inevitable” in Kentucky

Gay rights advocates celebrated the vote by the New York state legislature that legalized same-sex marriage, but one local activist hopes it means change in Kentucky. The controversial bill cleared the Republican-controlled state Senate in the Empire State after heavy lobbying by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, who courted affluent GOP donors for support. The new… Continue reading Fairness Leader Believes Gay Marriage “Inevitable” in Kentucky

Presbyterian Church Drops Ban on Gay Clergy

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) will soon allow the ordination of gay and lesbian clergy members. A majority of the denomination’s regional governing bodies–which are called presbyteries–have agreed to lift the requirement that unmarried clergy remain celibate, which was previously part of the church’s constitution. The change was approved by the church’s national assembly last year,… Continue reading Presbyterian Church Drops Ban on Gay Clergy

Polk Street Stories

Saturday, June 19, 2010 9pm Producer: Atlantic Public Media Listen Again Public Historian Joey Plaster spent over a year gathering more than 70 interviews from people experiencing the transition of Polk Street in San Francisco from a working class queer neighborhood to an upscale entertainment district. This documentary contains stories from the alleys and bars,… Continue reading Polk Street Stories

Local Gay Rights History

Next month marks 41 years since the Stonewall Riots – demonstrations against police raids in Greenwich Village that birthed the modern gay rights movement. We’ll spend Thursday looking back at the history of gay rights in our own city, to see how things have changed – and how they haven’t – for LGBT Louisvillians.

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Current Issues in the Gay Community

Momentum seems to be growing in the LGBTQ movement. More and more states are legalizing same sex marriage and civil unions, and President Obama has promised to make gay rights a priority – including Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act. We thought it was time to check in on the state of gay rights and look at some of the issues still facing the LGBT community. Listen to the Show