Shatner Donates Samurai Statue to Frazier Museum

Actor William Shatner has donated a bronze statue of a samurai to the Frazier History Museum’s permanent collection. Douwe Blumberg’s “Way of Horse and Bow” depicts a Japanese warrior riding on horseback into battle. Shatner and his wife own several pieces by Blumberg, a former horse trainer who lives outside of Lexington. The Shatners commissioned […]

Louisville Exhibits Mark Civil War Sesquicentennial

Listen to the story: The commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War is now in full swing across the country and two exhibits in Louisville explore Kentucky’s unique position as a Civil War border state.      At the Filson Historical Society, there’s a new exhibit called “United We Stand – Divided We Fall.” It […]

Frazier Exhibit Recalls Troubled Times of Mary Todd Lincoln

A new exhibit at Louisville’s Frazier History Museum includes documents that recall a turbulent chapter in the post-Washington life of Mary Todd Lincoln. It’s the first public display of the papers related to the former first lady’s commitment to an Illinois mental institution, an action initiated by her son. Frazier Curator of Collections Kelly Williams […]

Frazier Exhibit Focuses On Civil War Loyalty Divisions

An exhibit opening this weekend at the Frazier History Museum focuses on how the Civil War fractured many families and communities in Kentucky. It’s called “My Brother, My Enemy.”Curator of Collections Kelly Williams Wilkerson says Kentucky’s position as a so-called “border state” during the war caused some deep political and personal rifts “There’s lots of […]