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Agreement Ends Take-Home Car Dispute

by Rick Howlett on March 2, 2011

Louisville Metro Government and the Fraternal Order of Police have reached an agreement that will end their legal dispute over the charging of fees for police take-home vehicles.

The fees were imposed by previous Mayor Jerry Abramson to help offset a revenue shortfall, but were challenged in court by the police union, which contended they were a violation of its contract with Metro Government.

The courts and state Labor Department have sided with the FOP. The agreement means the city will drop its appeal. Current Mayor Greg Fischer says the legal battle had become expensive and contentious.

“The broader issue is how do we build a high performance city, the best police force in the country. And we can’t do that if we’re not talking with each other and we’re fighting with each other,” he said.

The deal calls for Metro Government to reimburse fees that were collected during the dispute. Officers who use take home vehicles for off-duty jobs will have to pay a monthly gasoline fee, probably around $50 per month, depending on the price of gas.

Fraternal Order of Police President David Mutchler says members overwhelmingly approved the deal Tuesday night.

“I don’t think Mayor Fischer would disagree that the most important job of the mayor is tot kept he citizens safe, and as the lead enabler in doing that, all we ask is to be treated with dignity and respect,” he said.

(In Photo: FOP President David Mutchler and Mayor Greg Fischer sign agreement and Police Chief Robert White looks on)

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Police to Vote on Take Home Car Settlement

by Gabe Bullard March 1, 2011

Last week, the FOP website reported that the city had tentatively agreed to drop fees on officers who use their cars off duty and to repay the officers for the fees that have been collected since they were first imposed in 2008.

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Fischer Hopes For Fresh Start With LMPD

by Gabe Bullard January 10, 2011

The FOP and the mayor’s office were previously at odds on a number of issues, most recently whether officers can be made to pay to use their police vehicles while off-duty. The case has been appealed several times, but Fischer says out-of-court negotiations with the FOP will begin this week.

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Police Car Dispute Could Continue Into The Next Administration

by Gabe Bullard September 13, 2010

The dispute over take-home cars for Louisville police officers continues. Mayor Jerry Abramson’s office will appeal a Jefferson Circuit judge’s ruling that the city must negotiate any fees for police officers who use their cars off duty. And Abramson’s appeal may end up in the hands of the next mayor.

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Firefighters And Police Split On Mayoral Candidate Endorsements

by Gabe Bullard August 18, 2010

The Louisville firefighters union and the local Fraternal Order of Police have endorsed opposing candidates in the Louisville mayor’s race.

The firefighters are supporting Democrat Greg Fischer. The police, however, favor Republican Hal Heiner.

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City Undecided On Appeal In Take-Home Car Case

by Gabe Bullard August 5, 2010

Louisville Metro Government has been handed another legal defeat in its attempts to collect fees on take-home police cars. On Wednesday, a Jefferson Circuit judge upheld a state Labor Cabinet decision in favor of the police officers, and blocking the city from collecting the fees.

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State Sides With FOP In Take-Home Car Dispute

by Rick Howlett July 7, 2009

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet has upheld a hearing officer’s recommendation in a dispute between the Louisville Metro Police union and the administration of Mayor Jerry Abramson over the city’s take-home car program. Labor Secretary J.R. Gray agreed with the ruling issued in May that Metro Government cannot charge police officers for the use of their […]

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McGuire Says FOP Ready for Court Battle

by scrosby May 20, 2009

After an opinion yesterday in favor of the Louisville Fraternal Order of Police, the union president says they’re ready for a possible court battle with Metro Government.  A hearing officer with the state Labor Cabinet said yesterday the city should stop charging its police officers for use of their take-home vehicles.  The fees were put […]

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Labor Cabinet Officer Opposes Car Fees

by Gabe Bullard May 19, 2009

A Kentucky Labor Cabinet hearing officer says Louisville Metro Government should stop collecting fees from police officers who use their cars off duty.

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FOP President Says Take-Home Car Issue Isn't Over

by scrosby January 21, 2009

The city’s police union was dealt a blow yesterday in its ongoing battle over Louisville’s take-home car program. Mayor Jerry Abramson wants to increase fees for people who use the city’s take-home cars. But the FOP got an injunction, saying the decision couldn’t be made without collective bargaining. An appellate court lifted the injunction yesterday, […]

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