Kentucky lawmakers held their annual celebration of Black History Month in Frankfort today, the ninth such celebration.

The program included a presentation of the book Two Centuries of Black Louisville and three new inductions into the Gallery of Great Black Kentuckians—the late higher education advocate William Blakey, the late Urban League Director Arthur Walters and current state Senator Gerald Neal

“It’s important to celebrate what we call Black History because in doing so we are actually celebrating our history,” said Governor Steve Beshear at the event. “Kentucky’s history as a commonwealth and as a people and as a human race.”

In his remarks, House Speaker Greg Stumbo agreed with Beshear’s remarks.

“[The] History of Black America and African Americans is the history ofAmerica,” he said. “It’s a struggle for freedom, for equality, for decent educational opportunities, a decent place to raise your children.”

The program was presented by the Black Legislative Caucus, which is made up of state representatives and senators.

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Frankfort Prison to Become State Police Training Academy

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Reviewing The 2011 Legislative Session

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Despite the need for a special session, the General Assembly’s legislative pace this year more or less matches last year’s.

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Across-the-board cuts to state agencies, including education are out. So is language preventing additional furloughs, face-to-face interviews of Medicaid applicants, debt restructuring, and legislative pay during the veto recess.

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