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After Rebuke, Metro Council Candidate Accepts Anti-Gay Activist Frank Simon’s Support

Louisville Metro Council Candidate Ray Barker has received a $1,000 contribution from anti-gay activist Dr. Frank Simon despite distancing himself from the controversial religious leader months earlier.

Last year, Simon’s American Family Association sent an e-mail to followers urging them to back Barker for the appointment to the council’s District 1 seat. The organization was labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s intelligence report for its anti-gay rhetoric and campaigning.

When asked about the association with Simon, Barker told LEO Weekly he did not know the group was listed as a hate organization and that he believes in equal opportunity for all residents.

Six months later Barker’s campaign accepted the hefty contribution from Simon and in a telephone interview with WFPL, Simon told the radio station that Barker has solicited his support in the May 22 primary and the two agree on most issues.

“Our city is in big trouble because we have gotten away from God and gotten away from prayer,” he says. “I think Mr. Barker is the man that can help us with this huge crime rate, the drug problem and all these other problems that we’ve run into because we’ve turned our back on God.”

Local News Noise & Notes Politics

Simon Skips Endorsing Candidates in GOP Governor’s Race

Conservative activist Frank Simon released a list of candidates his organization is endorsing in the upcoming primary election, but it noticeably skips giving a nod to any of the three GOP gubernatorial candidates.

The voter guide provided by the Freedom Heritage Forum does support candidates in other statewide races, such as secretary of state  Republican candidate Bill Johnson.

However, the usually voluble Simon gives no advice to voters about the candidates at the top of the GOP ticket. Instead, he offers vague praise for state Senate President David Williams, Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw and Louisville businessman Phil Moffett.

From B&P:

Here are the footnotes for the GOP gubernatorial candidates:

“Holsclaw is an outstanding public servant and has done a great job as Jefferson County Clerk.”

“Moffett, a businessman, has won numerous TeaParty polls across KY. He supports charter schools and supports replacing KY’s taxes on income and profits with a consumption tax. He is pro-life.”

“Williams has done a great job as president of the Kentucky Senate by blocking numerous tax increases and blocking increasing state debt that were promoted by the Democrat party. He is also pro-life and blocked expanded gambling.”

What gives?