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Police Say Fort Campbell Soldier Was Planning Attack on Fort Hood

Police say a soldier from Fort Campbell was planning an attack on Fort Hood, Texas.

PFC Naser Abdo was AWOL from Kentucky. He was arrested in Killeen, Texas with explosives and a uniform with Fort Hood patches on it. Another Muslim soldier went on a shooting spree at the fort in 2009, and police say Abdo may not have waited much longer to carry out his own attack.

Abdo is 21-years-old and had previously been granted conscientious objector status. A gun store clerk alerted the police of Abdo’s suspicious purchases.

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Rumsfeld to Visit Fort Campbell

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld will visit Fort Campbell, Kentucky to sign copies of his New York Times best-selling memoir, Known and Unknown, later this month.

Rumsfeld served twice as defense secretary, first under President Gerald Ford and subsequently President George W. Bush.  He has been visiting military bases around the country to promote the book, from which proceeds go to charities supporting those serving in the military and their families.

The book signing will be at the Fort Campbell Base Exchange, May 27 at 2 p.m.

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Herald-Leader Says Beshear Snubbing President Obama Was a Mistake

Pointing out that President Barack Obama’s harshest critics have praised him for killing terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, the Lexington Herald-Leader‘s editorial board chastised Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear for snubbing the president during his first visit to the commonwealth.

Last week, Mr. Obama delivered a speech at Fort Campbell after meeting with military service members.  Joined by Vice President Joe Biden, he also held a private meeting with the Navy SEAL team that assassinated bin Laden in his Pakistan compound.

Beshear’s office said the governor missed the president’s visit because of the short notice from the White House. The governor said he tried to change his schedule, but had to fulfill his Oak’s Day obligations.

The newspaper isn’t buying that argument.

From the Herald-Leader:

Maybe an incumbent Democrat, up for re-election in a red state didn’t want to remind Kentuckians that his is indeed the party of Obama. Maybe he feared that any appearance beside the president was potential attack-ad fodder come fall.

But by skipping the photo-op celebrating the special-op, he may have set himself up for something worse: (Cue the sinister baritone voice-over) “Steve Beshear chose a horse race over the brave Americans who got bin Laden …” (Insert grainy black-and-white photo of Beshear with Oaks winner Plum Pretty.) (Sinister voice-over:) “Steve Beshear: plum loco.

The editorial board joins prominent civil rights leaders and Democratic elected officials, who have criticized Beshear for playing political “hide and seek” with the president.

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Stumbo: Beshear Was Wrong to Snub Obama

Joining prominent civil rights leaders and other Democratic lawmakers, Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, said Governor Steve Beshear should have adjusted his schedule to be at Fort Campbell and greet President Barack Obama during his a recent visit to the military base.

Last Friday, Mr. Obama made his first visit as president to the commonwealth, where he met privately with members of the Navy SEAL team that killed 9/11 terrorist leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The governor’s office said the White House notice came too late and Beshear had to fulfill his Oak’s Day obligations.

Stumbo said he didn’t buy that explanation and believes the governor could have showed up despite Republican attempts to link Beshear to Mr. Obama during an election year.

From the Republic:

“That wasn’t a political event,” Stumbo said. “That was an event to honor the bravery of those men, and I believe he should have gone down there probably and been with the president. He could have helicoptered back up here for the Oaks presentation if he wanted to do that.”


Beshear said he wasn’t trying to distance himself from Obama. He expressed pride in Obama and the military assault team that executed the dangerous raid on bin Laden’s compound and killed the al-Qaida leader in Pakistan.

“It was a great victory in the war over terrorism,” the governor said. “If I could have been there, I would have. We didn’t have enough time to really change any plans that we already had set in concrete here.”

Last week, Louisville NAACP President Raoul Cunningham told WFPL News that Beshear’s game of “hide and seek” with the president could cost Beshear at the polls this November, particularly among African-American voters. Stumbo, however, doesn’t think  the governor’s absence will have a lingering impact on the general election.

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Obama Addresses Troops at Fort Campbell

Addressing military service members at Fort Campbell, President Barack Obama honored the special operations team that killed 9/11 terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

Joined by Vice President Joe Biden, the president arrived to thank the soldiers after having a private meeting with members of the Navy SEAL team that killed the al-Qaeda founder. It was Mr. Obama’s first visit as president to Kentucky.

Check it out:

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Kentucky Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

The Department of Defense says an Army soldier from Hardin County, Kentucky has been killed in Afghanistan.

Twenty year old Pfc. Nathaniel Garvin of Radcliff died Monday at a base in Kandahar in a non-combat related incident.

Garvin was a member of the 101st Airborne Division, based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Governor Steve Beshear has ordered flags at all state office buildings be flown at half-staff on the day of Garvin’s interment. Funeral arrangements are pending.

(Photo courtesy of

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Soldier From Oldham County Killed In Afghanistan

By Rick Howlett

Officials say a 33 year old Army soldier from LaGrange has been killed in a non-combat related incident in Afghanistan. Funeral arrangements are pending for Sgt. 1st Class Kristopher D. Chapleau, who died June 30. He was a member of the 101st Airborne Division, based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Here’s a press release from the office of Gov. Steve Beshear.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 6, 2010) – Gov. Steve Beshear today recognized the sacrifice of a native Kentuckian and Fort Campbell soldier who died while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

According to the Department of Defense, Sgt. 1st Class Kristopher D. Chapleau, 33, of LaGrange, Ky., died June 30 at Forward Operating Base Blessing, Afghanistan, of injuries sustained from a non-combat related incident. He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Ky.

The governor will order that flags at all state office buildings be lowered to half-staff from sunrise to sunset on the day of Sgt. Chapleau’s interment for which arrangements are still pending.

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Karzai Visits Fort Campbell

By Rick Howlett

Afghan President Hamid Karzai wrapped up  his U.S. trip Friday with a stop at  the Fort Campbell Army Base, where he met with troops preparing to deploy to Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province.         

Fort Campbell is sending about 20,000 troops to the region.         

Karzai has been in the U.S. this week for talks with President Obama.

He also visited with wounded U.S. soldiers.

(Photo courtesy of Fort Campbell, U.S. Army)