Ford Plant Prepares to Begin Manufacturing Escape

After a $600 million renovation, Louisville’s Ford Assembly Plant is almost ready to begin production. The plant is cavernous. There aren’t many people—or cars—around, because the plant hasn’t restarted production yet. But the robots are working, demonstrating how the bodies of the new Ford Escape will be welded, and how the dashboards will be installed. […]

Lagging Auto Sales Prompt Temporary Plant Shutdowns

Bowling Green’s Corvette plant is shut down for six weeks starting today. The facility is idle because of the vehicle’s lagging sales, which are down by 50-percent from last year. The Corvette plant has about 600 employees, it’s smallest workforce ever. Local United Auto Workers President Eldon Renaud says there’s a lot of uneasiness about […]

Local Ford Workers Approve Concessions

Local members of the United Auto Workers Sunday narrowly approved concessions in their contract with Ford Motor Company. The two Louisville Ford plants employ about 5,600 people. The concessions were also approved nationally. The concessions include a pay freeze, loss of bonuses, suspension of the Jobs Bank program that pays laid-off workers and a reduction […]