A group of Louisville Metro Council members gave a final warning to delinquent property owners Friday. A list of owners who have not properly maintained or paid fines on their vacant properties will be published in the newspaper in about two weeks.

The efforts to publish the names of delinquent property owners began with Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin. It has since gathered bipartisan support, and the council members now say they have a list of hundreds of names.

Those listed owe a total of about 17 million dollars in fines to Metro Government. Councilman Kelly Downard says there are many repeat offenders on the list, and many of them are banks that have foreclosed on local properties.

“There are a load of them on this list,” he says. “I want to make a very special point to the people of this community—there are none of the local banks on this list. They take care of their properties. The people that are doing it are the people who are serving mortgages all over the country and just don’t care about Louisville. They’re going to.”

The council members say the list is being revised, so there’s still time for owners to pay their fines or clean up their property.

“This list will be under constant review and changes can be made if fines are paid or citations are settled between now and the time the list is published,” says Shanklin.

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