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Federal Disaster Declared in Six Indiana Counties, Nine More Kentucky Counties

President Obama has declared a federal disaster in six Indiana counties following severe storms that tore through the region on March 2nd.

Governor Mitch Daniels had requested federal aid for Clark, Jefferson, Ripley, Scott, Warrick and Washington counties this week.

The counties are now eligible for federal assistance, which can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses and other relief programs for individuals and businesses.

Daniels may still seek to add more counties to the declaration and seek assistance for damage to public infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the president has also authorized assistance for nine additional counties in Kentucky that sustained tornado damage. That brings to 16 the number of counties in eastern and northern Kentucky that are now eligible for federal aid.

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Metro Government Won’t Apply for Federal Disaster Relief

Residents and business owners in Louisville can apply for federal disaster relief money to cover recent flood damage, but Louisville Metro Government cannot.

The floods did not force the city to spend more than $2.4 million in emergency or recovery operations. That’s the threshold Metro Government would have to cross to qualify for federal relief.

But individuals in Jefferson and several other flooded counties can apply to the federal government individually, though mayor’s spokesperson Chris Poynter doubts many Louisvillians will.

“Very few people are likely to do that because most of the affected homes are along River Road and they already have national flood protection insurance, and that will most likely cover them for most of their losses.”

The floods will require the city to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on cleanup and overtime. Poynter says that money will just have to come out of the budget, though he’s not yet sure if any cuts will be necessary to cover the costs.

“That’s’ something we won’t know for certain until several months from now. The biggest costs to us are through our Public Works Department—people who had to barricade the roads and then clean the roads and Waterfront Park once the water receded.”

The city will have to spend at least several hundred thousand dollars repairing flooded streets and parks and paying workers’ overtime.

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Kentucky Prepares Request for Federal Disaster Aid

Governor Beshear is moving forward with plans to seek federal disaster assistance to help Kentuckians recover from last weekend’s deadly storms. 

Governor Beshear says at least 18 Kentucky counties have declared states of emergency and he’s preparing to file the paperwork for a federal disaster declaration. 

“We’ll probably amend it two or three times to add counties as we get their assessments in,” says Beshear.  “But we want to get it into the President’s hand and get this on the move so that we can open up those federal spigots for some money to come back in here and help us with this clean-up effort that we’re going to be going through now for several weeks.”

Three deaths have been blamed on storms that ripped through central and eastern Kentucky over the weekend. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and flooding continues to pose major problems in eastern Kentucky. 

Governor Beshear toured storm-damaged areas on Tuesday.