Fancy Farm Picnic

Crowd Responds to Fancy Farm Speeches

by Devin Katayama on August 6, 2011

People travel from all over the state to the annual Fancy Farm Picnic in western Kentucky to watch a certain kind of political theater.

Many of those assembled had already formed opinions about the candidates, like the democratic supporter who yelled “War on Work” interrupting republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams during his speech.

Most of the candidates criticized Congress on its handling of the debt ceiling debate. Louisville resident David Hunter said he hasn’t heard anything refreshing.

“Right now I’m just hearing a lot of talking points, a lot of things I’ve already heard, a lot of things I expected to hear. I’m not hearing ideas. I’m looking for solutions,” he said.

Several people traveled with friends and family who supported separate parties. Jim Biedenbach is a 25-year Fancy Farm veteran who supports independent gubernatorial candidate Gatewood Galbraith by default.

“Why him, because I don’t like any of the other ones. That’s what I like about him, I don’t like the other ones,” said Biedenbach.

For others, like Homer Knight, making a decision this election year isn’t going to be easy.

“I think we ought to throw them all out and start over,” he said.

Others are more sympathetic. Brenda Douglass is from Paducah. She’s been coming to Fancy Farm since the day she was born, she said. And she supports all the candidates.

“It’s hard out here, it really is, because you’ve got people against you they’re going to boo for you. It takes a lot to stand up there and speak in front of those people,” she said.

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WFPL Does Fancy Farm

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Our reporting team is headed to Graves County, Kentucky for the 131st annual Fancy Farm picnic, which is the epicenter of state politics and the official kick-off to the fall campaign. The two dozens speakers have all confirmed for Saturday’s event, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who will […]

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Speakers for the 131st annual Fancy Farm picnic have been scheduled and organizers have confirmed candidates seeking statewide office and departing public officials will be in attendance. Time has even been set aside for any GOP presidential nominees running in 2012, but none are on the list—yet. From Bluegrass Politics: Wilson said Democratic Gov. Steve […]

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In Depth: Picnicking And Politics At Fancy Farm

by tcveigh August 8, 2010

Not far from the stage, waiting for the political speaking to begin, Ralph Warren of Beaver Dam was decked out in a Stetson hat, black Converse tennis shoes and an AARP T-shirt. He was wearing a Conway sticker but confided that he kind of likes Rand Paul.

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Paul, Conway Spar At Fancy Farm

by tcveigh August 8, 2010

Conway won the coin toss and spoke first. He quickly went on the attack, accusing Republican Rand Paul of back-pedaling and waffling on the issues. Paul fired back, accusing Conway of running away from Democrats in Washington when it’s expedient in Kentucky.

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130th Fancy Farm Picnic This Weekend

by tcveigh August 6, 2010

It began as a small, annual gathering to celebrate the fall harvest. Pretty soon politicians started showing up, giving stump speeches. Today, the Fancy Farm Picnic in rural Graves County annually draws up to 20,000 people.

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Hoover To Emcee Fancy Farm Speeches

by tcveigh August 2, 2010

For the locals, Fancy Farm is a harvest festival, homecoming and church social, but for visitors, the barbeque and political speaking are the big draws. This year’s master of ceremonies for the speechifying is House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover, who says he’s had plenty of practice.

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From Chad Lampe, Kentucky Public Radio U.S. Senate candidates Rand Paul and Jack Conway have confirmed they will both attend the annual Fancy Farm Picnic in western Kentucky next month. Fancy Farm Picnic Political Chairman Mark Wilson says he expects stronger attendance this year because of the high-profile race on the November ballot. St. Jerome […]

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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh U-S Senator Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford squared off Saturday at the 128th Fancy Farm picnic in far western Kentucky. Senator McConnell won the coin toss and opted to go second, which gave Bruce Lunsford, who was making his first appearance on the Fancy Farm stage, his […]

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