Indiana House Approves Smoking Ban

By a vote of 60 to 33, the Indiana House of Representatives has approved a watered down statewide smoking ban that contains numerous exemptions, including loopholes for bars and taverns. The compromise measure emerged today following several days of negotiations by House and Senate lawmakers. The Senate will vote on the measure tomorrow. That’s where […]

Weakened Smoking Ban Clears Indiana Senate

By a vote of 29-21, the Indiana Senate has passed a heavily-amended statewide smoking ban. The Senate measure includes exemptions for casinos, bars, private clubs, tobacco stores, bingo parlors and other places. It will be sent to a conference committee next week. That’s where lawmakers will try to reconcile it with the House version, which […]

Indiana Senate Scheduled To Take Up Smoking Ban Proposal This Week

The full Indiana Senate is expected to consider a proposed statewide smoking ban this week. The House has passed various smoking bans for the past six years, but this is the first such bill to make it past the Senate committee level. The Senate’s Public Policy Committee advanced the bill last week after some four […]