European debt

1:06pm: Mitt Romney’s commanding lead in New Hampshire has shrunk and some polls show Jon Huntsman closing in on second place. Could Huntsman have a breakout moment? We’ll talk about it.

1:12pm: At a conference in Berlin today, the leaders of France and Germany said boosting growth in the European economy is a priority. How can Europe jumpstart its economy?

1:35pm: More than 70% of the Italy’s economic output comes from small enterprises. The big problem is that small businesses aren’t growing. Economists worry that that could derail Italy’s efforts to dig out from under its two-and-a-half trillion dollar debt load. We’ll look at one small industry, at least, that’s been going strong for 150 years: the accordion industry.

1:40pm: ow do you explain New Hampshire to an outsider? It’s the only state in the nation without a mandatory seat belt law; motorcycle riders don’t have to wear helmets; and liquor stores are the first thing you see you as you drive into the state. New Hampshire comedian, Juston McKinney joins us with the lowdown on the ‘Live Free and Die’ state.

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Weidner: No Major Market Gains In Near Future

by Rick Howlett August 22, 2011

The U.S.stock market re-opens this morning after four straight weeks of losses. Traders remain concerned about the European debt situation and fears that the U.S. is headed toward another recession. Wall Street Journal MarketWatch columnist David Weidner says don’t expect any major gains in the market over the next several weeks. “There’s not a lot […]

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