Coal Ash Scares, Sickens Southwest Louisville Neighborhood–Part Three

by Erica Peterson July 22, 2011

Kathy Little and Debbie Walker stand in Walker’s front yard, 50 feet from the ash landfill at Louisville Gas & Electric‘s Cane Run plant. They watch as heavy machinery backs up, pushing ash from one pile to another. Both women have lived in the neighborhood for decades—Little for 33 years, Walker for 23. Walker says […]

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EPA Issues New Air Standards for Power Plants

by Erica Peterson July 7, 2011

The federal Environmental Protection Agency is finalizing a new air pollution rule that’s meant to reduce power plant emissions. The rule will affect Kentucky, but not immediately. The EPA’s new rule is meant to control sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, which are often blown across state lines. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson says regulating such […]

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New EPA Law Would Regulate Pollution in Kentucky

by Erica Peterson July 4, 2011

The Louisville area has had six Air Quality Alerts because of high ozone levels so far this year.But the Environmental Protection Agency is scheduled to unveil a new rule this week that could eventually reduce those ozone levels. The Clean Air Transport Rule will affect states differently. Some will have to regulate both fine particle […]

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EPA Extends Comment Period for Air Pollution Rules

by Erica Peterson June 21, 2011

The federal Environmental Protection Agency is giving the public thirty more days to comment on a rule to regulate air pollution. Comments on the EPA’s proposed air toxics and mercury standards were initially due July 5, but now that’s been pushed back a month. In March, after a 20-year political and legal battle, the EPA […]

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NYT Editorial Criticizes Power Company for Opposition to Clean Air Rules

by Erica Peterson June 20, 2011

The New York Times’ editorial yesterday took power giant American Electric Power to task for its opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed air standards. AEP has been contradicting itself lately, telling the public that the eventual closing of two dozen power plants will result in major job losses, even while the company tells investors […]

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EPA Chief Says New Air Standards Will Improve Health

by Erica Peterson June 15, 2011

The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency faced the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works today to discuss the EPA’s  proposed air rules.  Lisa Jackson also talked about the new air standards’ impact on public health. In March, after a 20-year political and legal battle, the EPA proposed its first-ever national standards for regulating […]

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Study Finds Majority of TV News Guests Opposed to EPA Air Regulations

by Erica Peterson June 8, 2011

From January 2009 through April 2011, left-leaning group Media Matters analyzed television news guests who commented on the Environmental Protection Agency’s role in regulating greenhouse gases. They found that 76 percent of these commentators were critical of the federal agency’s regulations, and 18 percent were in favor.  When the news guests are broken down by network, […]

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Updated: Chandler Opposes Clean Water Act Expansion

by admin April 20, 2011

Joining over a hundred members of Congress, U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Ky., has signed a letter against the Environmental Protection Agency’s attempt to expand their jurisdiction over U.S. waters. Drafted by Congressman Bob Gibbs, R-Oh., the letter is in response to a “Clean Water Protection Guidance”, a draft by the EPA and the Army Corps […]

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Kentucky Environmental Foundation Hopes to Spur EPA Decisions

by Gabe Bullard April 18, 2011

The Kentucky Environmental Foundation is hoping to encourage the Environmental Protection Agency to rule on issues related to air quality in Kentucky. The EPA has missed its deadline to approve or reject state implementation program proposals. The proposals outline how various regions in the commonwealth will reduce particulate pollution released by power plants, cars and […]

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Officials Launch Probe Of Rubbertown Blast

by Rick Howlett March 24, 2011

“It’s a little early to determine exactly where we will go with this investigation. In some cases we will do a full investigation. In other cases it might be a more truncated review, and we might issue a safety bulletin,” said U.S. Chemical Safety Board member Mark Griffon.

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