State of the News

For this week’s edition of State of the News we’re going to start with a look at our enivorment (chemicals in the water, anyone?). Next, with less than a month left until JCPS starts back to school, we’ll get an update on reivews, raises and lawsuits. Finally, it’s politicking time again and we’ll hear what happened at the debates this week for the Mayor and Senate races. Join us Friday for this week’s State of the News.

The Energy Revolution

Saturday, April 24, 2010 9pm Producer: Spectrum Radio Listen Again The Energy Revolution explores discoveries and innovations in renewable energy. We’ll meet a wind power expert from Brussels, and visit the world’s largest solar tower in Seville and hear reports on a wide range of green technologies being developed around the US: turning cooking : turning cooking […]


Saturday, April 24, 2010 8pm Producer: Richard Paul and WFYI Listen Again Sustainability looks at what is being done to address our energy needs and environmental challenges — on a large scale and a small scale — to actually address some of the biggest problems we have. Hosted by Barbara Bogaev.

Lawmakers Urged To Study Coal's Effect On Health

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh Kentuckians for the Commonwealth want lawmakers to do more study on the health effects of coal-based electricity. The citizens group invited Dr. Michael Hendryx of West Virginia University to testify before the House Health and Welfare Committee. Hendryx says his voluminous research on the health of residents of Appalachia […]