Report Urges Policymakers to Consider Long-Term Sustainability of Coal Severance Fund

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would designate some coal severance tax money to scholarships for coalfields residents; the measure has already passed the House. But a report by a non-profit group warns that Kentucky needs to think about the long-term future of the state’s coal severance fund. Coal producers pay a tax of […]

Federal Government Predicts Decline in Coal-Generated Electricity in 2011, 2012

The federal government is predicting that the country’s appetite for coal will have decreased further by the end of the year. The Energy Information Administration expects coal will generate nearly 2 percent less of the nation’s electricity than it did last year, and the amount of electricity generated from coal could decline an additional four […]

Associated Press Story Examines Reasons Behind Appalachian Coal Decline

The Associated Press had a story out yesterday about declining Appalachian coal reserves, and whether those are more to blame for cuts in the coal industry than federal regulations. The story starts with Jerry Howard, an eastern Kentucky mine owner who closed his mine two years ago. “Business owners like Howard, politicians and miners in […]

LG&E, KU Plan to Switch Units From Coal to Gas Part of a Nationwide Trend

Last week, Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities announced a plan to retire three coal-fired power plants over the next four years. The plants will be replaced by facilities that burn natural gas—which is cleaner than coal. The utilities are part of a growing trend across the nation to retire older coal plants. To […]

Government Data Suggest Coal Use for Electricity is Declining

According to the federal government, the United States’ reliance on coal for electricity is decreasing. The percentage of America’s power generated by coal fell to a 30-year low at the beginning of this year. A report from the Energy Information Administration found that coal’s role in the country’s power mix is declining. Coal generated 46 […]

The Driving Force Behind Recent Coal Mergers? Metallurgical Coal

The coal industry and politicians have done a good job making it clear that Kentucky is a coal state. But not all coal is equal. Not chemically, not geologically and not financially.  And some types of coal are much more valuable than others. The relative value of different types of coal is one force behind […]