Indiana Improves 911 Wireless Caller Communication Between Counties

All 92 Indiana counties will soon be able to transfer voice and data information from 911 wireless calls across county lines. Between 70 to 80 percent of 911 calls in Indiana come from wireless devices, said Barry Ritter, executive director of Indiana’s Wireless 911 Advisory Board. Previously, some counties would not be able to pass […]

MetroSafe Chief: Tornado Warning Error Was Avoidable

MetroSafe Director Doug Hamilton says there was confusion among emergency management supervisors who, “overly relied” on a National Weather Service radio system that issued the warning. The warning
was not picked up by MetroSafe and as a result no sirens were sounded.

MetroCall Moves to MetroSafe Backup Call Center

MetroCall, Louisville’s 24-hour customer service line at 3-1-1, is in the process of moving its headquarters to the backup facility for MetroSafe, or 9-1-1 The MetroCall organization has recently been moved under the umbrella of Emergency Management and MetroSafe, says MetroSafe/EMA Director Doug Hamilton. “Obviously, we’ve had three disasters in the last twelve months,” says […]

U-of-L Adds VoIP Phones to Classrooms

Some 200 classrooms at the University of Louisville are now outfitted with voice-over-internet-protocol – or VoIP – telephones. It’s an effort by the university’s emergency management department to be able to reach more people in the case of an on-campus emergency. Director Dennis Sullivan says the VoIP phone system is routed through the internet, and […]