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Mayor, MetroSafe Remind Citizens of Emergency Alerts

In light of recent destruction caused by severe weather and tornadoes in the midwest, Louisville Metro Government officials are reminding citizens the city’s alert systems.

Mayor Greg Fischer is encouraging Louisvillians to purchase weather radios or subscribe to text message alerts from media outlets.

“A text alert could waken you,” Fischer says “but it could also save your life, so please if you hear any of the sirens or get messages tonight take cover.”

Mayor Fischer says his budget for the next fiscal year will include provisions for enhanced emergency alert systems.  The city will use the money to implement technology to get alerts to inform citizens more effectively of unsafe conditions.

“The city is in the midst of purchasing some technology on emergency alert systems that will allow for various alerts, text, email, phone calls, what have you, however,” he says “that system is not yet in place, that came about after the Rubbertown incident, the requests for proposals have been put out and now those are being evaluated.”