City Encourages Electronics Recycling

by Gabe Bullard on December 26, 2009

With new computers, televisions and small appliances being given and replaced this holiday season, Louisville Metro Government is trying to keep old electronic devices out of landfills.

Many electronic items contain elements that can be environmentally harmful and should not be put in landfills. The city offers electronics recycling year-round, but mayor’s spokesperson Lindsay English says there’s typically a rush to drop off items after Christmas.

English says outdated electronics can be taken to the Waste Reduction Center (636 Meriwether Avenue). Up to three items can be dropped off at no charge.

“They can take the toxic elements out of those materials and they can also be used for other materials like fiberglass and insulated wiring,” she says.

The recycling center opens again Tuesday at 8. The city will also offer Christmas tree recycling starting next week.

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New Focus on E-Waste Drives Higher Standards

by kespeland December 3, 2008

New efforts are underway to make electronics recyclers more accountable—to the environment and to consumers. WFPL’s Kristin Espeland reports.

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