Obama’s Victory Means High Expectations for Arts

During the primary campaign, some journalists reported on what the candidates were proposing for the arts. Early on, arts leaders and enthusiasts buzzed about how Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and Republican candidate. (During his tenure, Huckabee supported arts education, including music and art instruction by certified teachers in elementary school.) Senators Barack Obama […]

Hill Decisively Wins Indiana Congressional Seat

In southern Indiana, voters soundly reelected Democratic incumbent Congressman Baron Hill. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. Hill addressed supporters last night saying that there is a lot of work that he and the government have to do. And he listed several of his priorities. “We’ve got to get health care for 47 million Americans,” Hill said. “We’ve […]

Indiana's Voter ID Law Causing Some Problems

Voting in Southern Indiana’s Clark County is heavy and some voters have had problems. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. Joseph Haist and his wife Danielle Newton came to Jeffersonville’s Wilson Elementary School to vote. They found their names in the poll books and thought there wouldn’t be any problems. Joseph Haist. “A few months ago we […]

Voters in Indiana Out in High Numbers

Voters in Floyd County, Indiana, have been turning out in higher numbers than previous elections, say many precinct inspectors there. Some residents, like Beth Hardin, say it’s the economy that is motivating people in this election. “People are just hurting around in this area because all of the factories have been closing and leaving,” Hardin […]

Women Candidates Stir Some Indiana Voters

Voting in Southern Indiana’s Floyd County has been heavier than previous elections. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. Precinct inspectors around the county of this battleground state say people stood in long lines ready to vote at 6 a.m. There also were people outside campaigning for candidates. That includes Marietta Willman, who is spending the day outside […]