Williams-Farmer Ticket Accused Of Violating Election Finance Law

The David Williams-Richie Farmer gubernatorial slate, announced two weeks ago, is already being accused of violating Kentucky campaign finance laws.

Former Jefferson County Teacher’s Association Director Steve Neal believes the Williams-Farmer slate spent money on their campaign before filing a letter of intent with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

Henry Enters Plea To Election Finance Charges

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh Former Kentucky Lt. Gov. Steve Henry admits violating state election-finance laws, but he won’t be going to jail. Standing before Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate, Steve Henry admitted his failed 2007 campaign for governor violated several campaign finance laws, but not knowingly. The 56 year old Henry was fined… Continue reading Henry Enters Plea To Election Finance Charges

Senate Candidates Report Fundraising Totals

Thanks to Lisa Autry, Kentucky Public Radio/WKYU, Bowling Green U.S. Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky reports that he raised just over $300,000 during the second quarter of this year for his re-election bid. That’s less than half the money raised by fellow Republican and Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who may run for Bunning’s seat.… Continue reading Senate Candidates Report Fundraising Totals