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Demonstrators Seek U.S. Support For Bahrain Uprising

Several Louisvillians will hold a demonstration Thursday to encourage western powers to take action in Bahrain, where anti-government protests have been going on for months.

Calls to bring down the Bahraini monarchy have been met with violence in the Middle Eastern country. Louisville resident Athraa Alabudy says the uprising has not received as much attention or western support as similar events in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

The protest in Louisville will be held at noon outside of the federal building at 6th and Broadway, and Alabudy says she hopes it will pressure officials to contact leaders in Washington and spur action to stop the violence.

“Not military,” she say. “I need at least someone to come from the U.N. on human rights to see how they treat people so badly there.”

The Bahraini uprising began in mid-February.

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Egyptian U Of L Professor Comments On Mubarak’s Departure, New Government

As protesters in Egypt celebrated President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, a University of Louisville professor from Egypt was watching closely.

Aly Farag was last in his home country in mid-January, shortly before the protests began. He says he thought Mubarak’s departure was inevitable, and he’ll be monitoring the news from Egypt to see who will lead the next government.

“Egypt is 80 plus million people and has quite a bit of population that’s talented and patriotic,” he says. “I cannot name a person, but I can tell you Egypt has lots of people who can lead the way through.”

Farag says there are many educated and energetic young people in Egypt, and many of them led the demonstrations. He expects they will approach the process of forming a new government with similar enthusiasm.