Health Secretary Says Managed Care Will Keep Medicaid Budget Balanced

Governor Beshear wants to shift second-year funds forward to balance the Medicaid budget, and make up any second year deficits with savings from managed care. The Democratically-controlled House agrees with his plan, but the Republican-controlled Senate wants across-the-board cuts to state agencies, including education. House Republicans oppose cuts to education. The debate is dominating the waning days of the legislative session.

In Response To Paul, McConnell And Rogers, Begala Says “Defund Kentucky”

Rural areas often see the effects of altered spending first. Of course, Louisville benefits from federal spending as well. Many previously-proud earmark earners say now is the time to end the process and close the deficit. Others, however, argue that in times of recession, a balanced budget should not be a high priority.

Amazing Grace Owner Says Recession, Chains Edged Him Out

After 15 years of operation, the Amazing Grace natural food store in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood will close.

Owner Paul Koenig says there are two related factors that led to his store’s demise. The first is the recession. The second is the ability for big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target to undersell him on items that used to be hard to find.

Bill Allowing Ads On School Buses Awaits Action

Legislation to allow advertising on the sides of school buses is before the Kentucky House of Representatives. Earlier this week, the House Education Committee voted to allow the ads to help raise money for schools.

A similar law in Texas allows up to three ads on each bus. Pike county representative Leslie Combs supports the concept.

Event To Look At Local Food Economy And ‘Changing The Way People Eat’

In Louisville, organizer Stephen Reily says changing the way people eat means putting locally-produced food on the table in homes, restaurants and school cafeterias. He says that will require better logistics and infrastructure—the city needs a distribution system for local food as well as local slaughterhouses and centers to clean and process food.