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1:06pm: The latest polls in Michigan show Mitt Romney’s momentum has stopped in his home state of Michigan, where he’s been chipping away at Rick Santorum’s lead in the polls over the past week. The conventional wisdom is that if Romney can’t win the state he won four years ago, the nomination will be a long, drawn-out battle with Santorum, perhaps until the party nominating convention this summer. We’ll talk with Bill Ballenger, editor of the newsletter Inside Michigan Politics, who says “it’s gonna be a real dogfight” tomorrow.

1:12pm: U.S. Budget Watch, a project of the bi-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says tax and spending plans proposed by Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich would significantly increase the national debt. The exception is Ron Paul‘s proposal, which includes major spending cuts with reductions in taxes and would actually bring down the federal deficit. And the tax reform included in President Barack Obama‘s budget? Independent analysis by the Tax Policy Center says it’s ‘long on principles,’ but ‘woefully short on specifics.’ Howard Gleckman of the Tax Policy Center says despite all the fuzziness in most of the proposals, there’s enough to understand that basic ideas each candidate is working with, and no matter who wins, the stage is set for an “epic battle” over tax reform. He joins us to explain the proposals.

1:35pm: The Southern Baptist Convention is in the process of undergoing a name change. Congregations may soon have the option to call themselves either South Baptist or Great Commission Baptists. While the move is seen by some as a way to distance the church from the stigma of the Civil War, slavery and segregation, church officials say the name change will allow more people to identify with their message. Albert Mohler is President of Louisville’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and was a member of the church review committee that unanimously voted for the new name. He spoke with WFPL’s Devin Katayama about the change.

1:40pm: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2018 about a quarter of the labor force will be 55 or older. And a number of companies are trying to find ways to keep older employees working for longer, to avoid the expense of hiring and retraining new workers. At Harley Davidson, trainers hand out ice packs to workers who are coming off the manufacturing line, while Duke Energy Corp has instituted a special stretching program for linemen, who work repairing power lines. Duke Energy says that from a business standpoint, the stretching program, along with a focus on ergonomics, has paid off; they’ve seen fewer workers’ compensation claims and insurance payouts, and the company just completed their second-best safety year.

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Today on Here and Now

by Laura Ellis August 15, 2011

Today we’re looking back at the weekend. On the national level, that means a review of the action at the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames. And on the local level, it means an update on where things stand after Saturday’s storm. In total, about 30,000 customers of Duke and LG&E are waiting for the power […]

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6:40am Update: No Classes, More Residents Get Power

by Todd Mundt August 15, 2011

As of 6:30am this morning, 31,600 LG&E customers in Jefferson County are without power. In southern Indiana, 1,600 Duke Energy customers are without power. LG&E/KU Outage Map Duke Outage information There are still many intersections without working traffic lights, so be careful as you approach and treat such intersections as a four-way stop. LG&E officials […]

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Severe Weather Moves Through Area

by Rick Howlett October 26, 2010

The same system also swept across Indiana, leaving some 60,000 utility customers without power, inlcuding 40,000 Duke Energy customers in central and southern Indiana.

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Linton, Indiana To Go Without Power For Portion Of Sunday

by Gabe Bullard December 3, 2009

Duke Energy will shut off electricity to the Indiana town of Linton for a portion of this weekend.

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Utility Companies are Preparing for Smart Grid

by scrosby August 17, 2009

Utility companies across the country are trying out technologies for a new generation of power grid. The so-called ‘smart grid’ includes not only power transmission to customers, but two-way communication between the company and households. WFPL’s Stephanie Sanders reports on those efforts in Kentucky, and how the upgrades could affect consumers. In Erlanger, Kentucky, there […]

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Duke Energy Restoring Service In Southern Indiana

by Rick Howlett January 28, 2009

Tens of thousands of Duke Energy customers in southern Indiana are without electricity in the  wake of the ice storm. Company spokesman Lou Middleton says crews are in the field assessing the damage. “We are looking at just about 40,000  people out in Clarksville, about 16,700 who are out in the Corydon and Salem area, […]

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Southern Indiana Power Could Return This Weekend

by Gabe Bullard September 16, 2008

Tens of thousands of homes in Southern Indiana remain without power.

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