House Passes Ignition Lock Bill

by Tony McVeigh on February 8, 2011

Legislation requiring ignition interlock devices on the vehicles of convicted drunk drivers has won the unanimous support of the Kentucky House. Vehicles equipped with the devices won’t crank for drivers with illegally high blood-alcohol levels.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Dennis Keene of Wilder, says the measure builds on national research.

“It trains DUI offenders to drive sober and it trains them to drive with the interlock device early, instead of getting in the habit of driving on a suspended license,” he says.

Similar legislation unanimously passed the House last year, only to die in the Senate. The House also approved legislation that puts the onus on employers to verify the immigration status of their employees. A Senate bill putting the verification onus on law enforcement remains in House committee.

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Ignition Lock Bill Sees Action In Frankfort

by Tony McVeigh February 2, 2011

In 2009, 203 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes in Kentucky. Nearly eight thousand Kentuckians have three or more DUI convictions.

Representative Dennis Keene believes the state needs to do more to get drunken drivers off the highways.

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DUI Bill Passes Kentucky House

by scrosby February 18, 2010

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh A bill requiring first-time DUI offenders to pass a breathalyzer test before driving has won unanimous Kentucky House approval. Rep. Dennis Keene of Wilder is the bill’s primary sponsor. “If you’re convicted of DWI, it makes it mandatory on the first offense, to put an ignition interlock device on […]

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LMPD Launch New Awareness Campaign

by Gabe Bullard November 25, 2008

The Louisville Metro Police Department has made nearly 25 hundred DUI arrests this year, and they’re launching a new campaign aimed at preventing more offenses.

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