Meth Debate Picks Up as General Assembly Nears

by Gabe Bullard on October 7, 2011

State lawmakers heard a variety of opinions on how to limit methamphetamine production today.

The number of meth labs in Kentucky has been increasing for years. The drug manufacturer group Consumer Healthcare Products told the Joint Committee on the Judiciary the state should create a database of people who have been convicted of meth-related crimes. Those listed would be blocked from purchasing cold medicines that contain pseudoephedrine, which is used to make meth.

Several law enforcement officers, however, say pseudoephedrine should become a scheduled substance, meaning anyone seeking to purchase it would need a prescription.

Oregon and Mississippi have both reported success after making pseudoephedrine prescription-only.

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Louisville Metro EMS Will Drug Test Staff

by Devin Katayama August 12, 2011

Louisville Metro EMS has responded to the recent mishandling of medication by two EMS employees. Now, the agency said it plans on adding an extra level of accountability. Metro EMS wants to prevent this from ever happening again, said Dr. Neal Richmond, executive director of Louisville Metro EMS. In the next 30 to 45 days […]

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Louisville Metro EMS Responds to Recent Activity

by Devin Katayama August 10, 2011

Louisville Metro EMS is changing the way it tracks and handles patient medications. This comes after two EMS employees were accused of mishandling drugs. Now the agency will tighten its processes in response, but will still rely on the trust of its employees. When EMS personnel prescribe medication to a patient, employees are expected to […]

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Kentucky and Ohio Sharing Prescription Information

by admin August 9, 2011

by Brenna Angel, Kentucky Public Radio What started out as a program to track where patients get their prescription drugs in Kentucky has expanded to Ohio. This week the Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting system, or KASPER, launched a data exchange with the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System, or OARRS. So far, 12 Kentucky […]

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Supreme Court Rules for Kentucky Man, With Caveat

by Gabe Bullard June 27, 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a Kentucky man facing a nearly nine-year prison sentence for crack cocaine charges is eligible to have his sentence reduced. William Freeman agreed to the sentence in a plea deal, which was based on the sentencing guidelines for crack. When those guidelines changed, Freeman tried to have his […]

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Retroactive Fair Sentencing Act Enforcement Likely Won’t Affect Kentucky Case

by Gabe Bullard June 2, 2011

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is pushing for criminals serving jail time or possession of crack cocaine to have their sentences reduced, but his efforts are unlikely to affect one of the most famous local cases involving crack cocaine. Holder’s recommendation is related to the Fair Sentencing Act. Previously, possession of the more expensive powder […]

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Ohio Police Chief Discusses Appalachian Pill Pipeline on Diane Rehm

by Gabe Bullard April 26, 2011

Portsmouth, Ohio Chief of Police Charles Horner was among the guests discussing prescription drug abuse on the Diane Rehm show today. You can listen to it here. Horner says prescription overdose death’s in Ohio’s Scioto County have quadrupled in the last few years. Ohio Governor John Kasich recently met with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to […]

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Beshear and Other Governors Working Together to Fight Prescription Abuse

by Gabe Bullard April 19, 2011

by Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Ohio Governor John Kasich  met today to discuss their states’ efforts to fight prescription drug abuse. Many of the prescription drugs abused in eastern Kentucky and neighboring regions come from Florida. Kasich says the governors must come together to stop the so-called pill pipeline […]

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Florida Governor Reverses on Prescription Tracking Program

by Gabe Bullard April 14, 2011

Florida Governor Rick Scott says he will support a compromise to implement a prescription pill tracking system in his state. Scott originally sought to block a prescription database from being used, citing privacy concerns. The system is meant to stop illegal prescription sales. Because Floridian pill mills are a major supplier of prescription drugs abused in Kentucky and elsewhere, […]

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“Freeway” Rick Ross Discusses Economics on Planet Money

by Gabe Bullard April 14, 2011

Former drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross visited Louisville in February to talk about his past work and his message to younger generations. This week, he appeared on NPR’s Planet Money podcast to discuss the economics of drug dealing. Hosts Alex Blumberg and Robert Smith run a series of scholarly ideas past Ross, and they find […]

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