Lack of Vote on Bill Allowing Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients Leads to GOP Boycott

A bill that would allow random drug testing of welfare recipients was the subject of legislative boycotts and hearings today. House Bill 26 is sponsored by Republican representative Lonnie Napier, who says the bill does not unfairly target anyone and would help rid drug abuse from those who benefit from government programs. The bill was […]

Indiana Senate Panel Deadlocks on Welfare Recipient Drug Testing Bill

A bill that would create a pilot drug testing program for Indiana welfare recipients is stalled in the legislature after a 5-5 vote by a Senate committee today. The House-passed measure proposes a three-county testing program for recipients, but some lawmakers expressed reservations about the possible $1 million cost of launching it. The bill’s original […]

Jeffersontown Council To Discuss Drug Testing Policy

The Jeffersontown City Council will hold a special meeting Thursday night to discuss the details of a new drug testing policy for city employees. The council voted Monday night to create a policy. It was prompted by last week’s arrest of Public Works Director Joseph McMillan for possession of crack cocaine, and his subsequent firing. […]