Lawmakers Attempt Second Compromise on Dropout Bill

Kentucky lawmakers are trying again to raise the state’s dropout age. Currently, students can drop out of school at 16 years old with parents’ permission. But lawmakers and Governor Steve Beshear have pushed to raise the dropout age to 18, regardless of parental consent. The latest proposal before the legislature would let local school boards […]

House Education Chair Promotes Compromise Dropout Bill

The chairman of the House Education Committee says his modifications to a dropout bill will help broker a compromise between the House and the Senate. Both chambers recently passed legislation effectively raising Kentucky’s high school dropout age, but there are key differences between the bills. Currently, students can’t drop out of high school on their […]

Kentucky Senate Approves Dropout Bill

A proposal to raise Kentucky’s dropout age to 18 years old has passed a major hurdle. The state Senate approved a bill today that allows individual school districts to decide whether to raise the dropout age and requires participating schools to have alternative education programs. The bill passed overwhelming, 35-2, with two Democratic senators voting […]

Beshear Encouraged With Senate’s Dropout Bill, Says He’ll Work With Chambers on Final Proposal

Governor Steve Beshear is warming to a modified proposal to raise the high school dropout age. Beshear has long pushed to raise the dropout age to 18. The Senate Education Committee passed a bill today that lets individual school boards opt in to a higher dropout age. It also requires those boards to provide the […]

Winters Says Dropout Bill Has ‘Best Chance’ to Pass State Senate This Session

After years of trying, a proposal to raise Kentucky’s school dropout age could be on track to becoming law. The measure is a key part of Governor Steve Beshear’s legislative agenda. But every year it has died in the state Senate as critics say the bill isn’t enough to help uninterested students. That trend may […]

Bill to Raise Dropout Age Passes House Committee

One of Governor Steve Beshear’s main priorities is once again making its way throughKentucky’s General Assembly. A bill sponsored by state Representative Jeff Greer would gradually raise the school dropout age from 16 to 18 by 2017. The bill has been received very well in the Democratic-controlled House in the past two session. But the state […]

Why Do Kids Drop Out?

A House bill to raise the drop out age in Kentucky failed in the Senate for the third time during the last General Assembly session. Current estimates put the drop out rate in our state at more than 2%, though in today’s economy 6% of high school dropouts never find work and the rest work only half as much as students who finish high school. The differences in employment potential & earnings between drop outs and college graduates are even more staggering. So why do kids continue to leave school? We listen back to a conversation on why students drop out and what we can do to encourage them to graduate.

In Depth: Dropout Bill Faces Uncertainty In Special Session

First Lady Jane Beshear is one of the most ardent supporters of the bill, which raises the state’s drop out age from 16 to 18 by 2016. The measure has twice cleared the House, only to die in the Senate. It passed the House for a third time last week, on an 87-13 vote, but still awaits a committee assignment in the Senate. That frustrates Mrs. Beshear.