Revised Kentucky Immunization Schedule Begins Next Month

Effective July 1st, Kentucky is revising its immunization schedule for infants, toddlers and school-age children. Some vaccines required for school, day care, pre-school and Head Start have been added, amended, or altered. Parents should make sure their children are properly immunized, and Dr. William Hacker, Kentucky’s public health commissioner, says they have nothing to fear.… Continue reading Revised Kentucky Immunization Schedule Begins Next Month

Smoking in Kentucky

It affects twenty-six percent of our youth and around the same percentage of adults – including twenty-four and a half percent of pregnant women. It’s tobacco use, and Kentucky ranks the absolute worst in the nation for our rate of adult smoking. Are these numbers as dismal as they sound, or have they actually gotten better? What are the most effective ways to quit, and the health benefits? Join us this Thursday when we talk about smoking in Kentucky.   Listen to the Show

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