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Louisville Metro Redistricting Wraps Up This Week

The Louisville Metro Council is expected to vote on a final redistricting map this week.

The new districts represent population shifts shown in the 2010 Census. The ad hoc committee on redistricting is meeting Monday afternoon to go over the maps of the 26 new districts. The panel will review changes requested in the past several days, since Metro Council first formally released the maps.

“There might be some changes with some of districts but they are pretty small in terms of any population that would be shifted. It’s just more of trying to jockey some of these split precincts,” said Councilman Ken Fleming, co-chair of the redistricting committee.

Fleming said any changes made Monday will not affect the deadline to have maps ready for a final vote this Thursday. If approved, Mayor Greg Fischer could then sign, veto or request changes in the ordinance.

The new district lines would be effective immediately after Fischer’s signature.

Click here to see the proposed maps.

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All 26 Proposed Louisville Metro Redistricting Maps Now Available

All 26 of the Louisville Metro Council’s proposed new districts have been redrawn and released to the public Friday.

Version 10-C refers to the draft number. Earlier this week version 10-A was reviewed and was found to have complied with the 1965 Voting Rights Act, giving fair representation to minorities. The redistricting committee is now beginning to show the new maps in public meetings throughout the city (see following page).

The public is encouraged to attended these meetings to see their new districts and learn about the redistricting process. The maps are a work in progress and can still be changed, said officials. But the deadline set by the committee to have an ordinance filed is now Oct. 13. It can then be voted on two weeks later.

This is well ahead of the legal deadline of the end of the year.

Check out the maps on the following page.

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Metro Council Districts 7, 16 and 17 Release Proposed District Maps

New proposed maps of Louisville Metro Council Districts 7, 16 and17 have been released to the public.

Last night around 40 community members showed up at a regional-district meeting, said minority caucus spokesman Steve Haag. A few community members were concerned about the new district lines, but many people just wanted to understand the redistricting process, he said.

All maps are still currently drafts and not entirely final, Haag said. However, deadlines approach for the ad hoc Committee on Redistricting and officials said they want to have an ordinance filed well before the legal deadline of Dec 31.

An ordinance can be filed as soon as Oct.13 after seeking public comment, said Councilman Rick Blackwell, chair of the redistricting committee. The council can then take a vote on the final map two weeks later on Oct.27.

The committee finished its final meeting where the public could address the entire committee. Now, six regional meetings will take drafts public before the final copies will be considered by the Metro Council.

Proposed District 7 map.

Proposed District 16 map.

Proposed District 17 map.