More Q&A from Twitter about the Digital Divide in the Workplace

After yesterday’s show on the digital divide in the workplace, we got several more questions and comments via Twitter (we’re @soatalk). Our guest Jason Falls, social media guru and co-founder of Social Media Club Louisville was nice enough to revisit the topic and share his thoughts. Thanks to Jason and to the Twitterers who sent their questions!

The Digital Divide in the Workplace

A 23 year old recent college graduate probably can’t remember a time without the internet. For her, there have always been voicemail and portable video games, and it’s always been possible to get a computer small enough to fit into a backpack. A 53 year old saw the first calculator small enough to fit into your pocket developed while in high school, and the first primitive word processors were introduced by graduation time. What do these two have in common? Their workplace. This Wednesday we’ll take a look at the technology gap that can exist between workers of different ages & skill levels, and how companies can help them work together effectively. Listen to the Show

Is technology at work passing you by?

When I set about booking the show today I started out thinking about the State of Affairs team.  We are all over the board with our knowledge of technology.  But it’s not so much the knowledge as it is being comfortable enough to use it.  Let’s take Twitter for example, the show now twitters (@soatalk),… Continue reading Is technology at work passing you by?