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House Education Chairman Carl Rollins, D-Midway, is once again trying to reform how Kentucky’s teachers are evaluated.

The latest incarnation of Rollins’ idea is House Bill 40, which the committee passed Tuesday morning. The legislation would create a statewide teacher evaluation system run by the state Department of Education starting in the 2013 school year.

Currently, each school district has its own evaluation system for teachers, who have pushed back against the bill. But Rollins says his intent isn’t to hurt teachers.

“And the purpose of this is to create a system that promotes continuous professional growth of our teachers, so that they can become better,” Rollins said. “We want to identify those things that will make our teachers better. This is not punitive, this is to make everyone know and have a better idea of what they need to do to improve their teaching skills.”

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Kentucky Increases Alternative School Accountability

by Devin Katayama October 31, 2011

The Kentucky Department of Education board passed new regulations that require public school districts to set goals and submit data to the state to improve education opportunities for at-risk students. The programs offer at-risk students remedial education opportunities. KDE will now increase accountability for alternative school programs beginning next school year, said Lisa Gross, KDE […]

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Education Commissioners Raise Ethical Concerns With Free Trips

by Devin Katayama October 13, 2011

Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says international trips paid for by an education foundation did not lead to the decision to contract with its business arm. The New York Times reported several states entered into agreements with Pearson after taking trips on its foundation’s dime and this raises ethical questions, said Times reporter Mike Winerip. […]

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Board Of Education To Prepare For SB1 At Meeting

by Gabe Bullard December 5, 2010

The Kentucky Board of Education will meet in Frankfort Tuesday and Wednesday. Much of the board’s time will be spent preparing to implement Senate Bill One, which passed last year.

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Board Of Education To Discuss Assessments, Budgets At Retreat

by Gabe Bullard August 2, 2010

The Kentucky Board of Education’s annual retreat begins Wednesday. The board will spend two days in Frankfort reviewing budgets, school assessment plans, and other issues.

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Department Of Education Reorganizing To Cope With Budget Cuts

by Gabe Bullard July 23, 2010

To cope with three and four percent budget cuts in the current and next fiscal year, the department is combining offices and eliminating two jobs.

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Lawmakers Watching Consultant Contract Spending

by tcveigh July 13, 2010

In these tight budget times, Kentucky lawmakers are keeping an extremely close eye on the state’s personal service contracts with outside consultants.

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Advocates Want State to Include Arts Ed in Application

by ekramer November 2, 2009

Arts advocates in Kentucky are encouraging citizens to request that arts education be addressed in the state’s application for a federal grant. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. Arts Kentucky is asking stakeholders in education — from parents to business people — to participate in a survey recently put out by the state’s Department of Education. […]

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Department Of Education Takes Steps Against Swine Flu

by Gabe Bullard May 1, 2009

Swine flu has not reached Kentucky schools, but the Department of Education is taking steps to prevent a potential outbreak.

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State Education Board Wants New Commissioner by August

by scrosby April 1, 2009

The Kentucky Board of Education wants to have a new education commissioner in place by the first of August.  The board is meeting this week in Frankfort, and has selected the Florida firm of Greenwood/Asher and Associates to conduct the search.   Spokesperson Lisa Gross says the board was clear about its search criteria.  “The […]

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