Drug Test Suit Appealed

by Gabe Bullard on October 16, 2009

A case out of Louisville involving how urine samples are collected is being appealed.

The plaintiff in the case is a Louisville man who was accused of a crime. He accepted early release on the condition that he submit to occasional drug tests. When a third party company tested him, however, the test’s administrator observed the man urinating, which is the company’s policy.

Plaintiff’s attorney Greg Belzley says the observation violated laws governing strip and cavity searches.

“It was wrong absent some reasonable suspicion, some basis for the testing, the tester or the collector to believe he might try to adulterate or manipulate his sample,” says Belzley.

A federal judge ruled against the plaintiff saying no laws were violated. Belzley is appealing the case and hopes to have a decision by next summer.

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Deliberations In Stinson Trial Could Begin Soon

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Jury deliberations in the trial of former Pleasure Ridge Park High School football coach Jason Stinson will begin soon.

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C-J Articles Expedite E-Subpoena System

by Gabe Bullard April 8, 2009

A recent series of articles in the Courier-Journal has expedited the effort to prevent Louisville Metro police officers from missing court appearances where their testimony is required.

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