Nearly 250 Inmates Released Early in Jefferson County

With reporting from Kentucky Public Radio’s Brenna Angel. Nearly 250 inmates are being paroled in Jefferson County Wednesday as part of Kentucky’s early release program, which is meant to save the state money while offering transitional services to offenders. The program, being called the Mandatory Re-Entry Supervision Program, is estimated to save up to $40 […]

Corrections Bill Gives Police More Discretion on Whether to Arrest Some Offenders

The legislation is meant to reduce prison costs and crowding largely by steering drug offenders toward treatment programs. Senate Judiciary Committee chair Tom Jensen says it also gives police more flexibility to issue citations for misdemeanor drug crimes, such as marijuana possession, rather than make arrests.

Art Projects at Local Jail Reach Beyond the Bars

Jails aren’t pretty, and their not supposed to be. But now jails have programs to help inmates turn their lives around, and in Louisville art is part of the mix. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. Jails across the country are overcrowded, and more than half of the 13 million people who are released from local jails […]