Weakened Smoking Ban Clears Indiana Senate

By a vote of 29-21, the Indiana Senate has passed a heavily-amended statewide smoking ban. The Senate measure includes exemptions for casinos, bars, private clubs, tobacco stores, bingo parlors and other places. It will be sent to a conference committee next week. That’s where lawmakers will try to reconcile it with the House version, which […]

Indiana Budget Talks Underway

A conference committee of Indiana House and Senate lawmakers has begun budget negotiations as a June 30 deadline approaches to enact a new spending plan. The talks began Wednesday morning during a public meeting that included testimony from some university presidents. Their appearance was orchestrated by House Democrats who say they’re being pressured to accept […]

Budget Talks Underway In Frankfort

A conference committee of Kentucky House and Senate lawmakers has begun negotiations on their respective plans to balance the state budget and other issue on the call of a special legislative session. The talks come a day after a Senate committee rejected a bill that would allow slots at horse tracks to aid the racing […]

Indiana Senate Passes 'Fail-Safe" Budget Bill

The Indiana Senate has approved a so-called ‘fail-safe’ bill that would keep state government operating at current levels if the legislature can’t agree on a budget by June 30. Senate President pro tem David Long says the measure would simply prevent a government shutdown in the event lawmakers are unable to meet the budget deadline. […]