Yarmuth: Tax Cut Would Spur Commercial Investment

By Rick Howlett Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville is sponsoring legislation aimed at kick-starting the sluggish commercial real estate market. Yarmuth says sales of properties such as office buildings, shopping malls and condominiums have decreased by 90 percent in the U.S.since 2007. “This bill would lower the capital gains rate for any investment property purchased… Continue reading Yarmuth: Tax Cut Would Spur Commercial Investment

Commercial Real Estate Markets

We all know about the crisis in the residential real estate market, but for awhile it looked like the commercial market was going to be spared the steep downturn. Well, not anymore. With construction stopping all over the country, credit availability in a stranglehold and businesses failing on a regular basis, the commercial real estate market is feeling the full effects of the recession. In fact, in late December members of the commercial real estate community started talking about the need for federal aid. So what does this mean for the U.S. economy? And how does it look on the local level? Listen to the Show