LG&E Discusses Coal Ash Sampling With Cane Run Families

Louisville Gas and Electric gathered three southwest Louisville Monday night to discuss the results of recent studies on coal ash. The studies were commissioned to determine whether the hazardous ash was leaving LG&E’s Cane Run power plant, as the homeowners have asserted. LG&E did two sets of sampling. The first set took results directly off […]

LG&E to Meet with Cane Run Road Residents About Coal Ash Reports

Louisville Gas and Electric will hold a meeting with several southwest Louisville homeowners tonight to discuss the results of two recent studies about coal ash and the Cane Run Road power plant. LG&E stores coal ash in landfills and in a pond on its property in southwest Louisville. Those who live near the plant have […]

LG&E Releases Contradictory Coal Ash Report

Louisville Gas & Electric has released a second study on coal ash. It follows another that showed the company is possibly in violation of pollution laws. LG&E says this second report is more accurate, but it might not matter in the long run. People who live near the Cane Run Power Station have complained that […]

LG&E Report Confirms Residents’ Concerns About Coal Ash

Science has backed up claims by people living near the Cane Run Power Station in Louisville who say the plant’s coal ash is contaminating their homes.  This could lead Metro Government to take action against Louisville Gas & Electric. Next to LG&E’s Cane Run Power Station there’s a coal ash landfill. It holds the fly […]

LG&E Report Finds Coal Ash on Area Homes

A new report has confirmed that coal ash is contaminating the homes of residents who live near a Louisville power plant. Residents have complained about dust from the Cane Run Power Station traveling onto their properties. A study commissioned by Louisville Gas & Electric took six samples off of nearby homes, and all came back […]