Lawmakers Differ on Mayor Ignoring Cuts to Council Discretionary Funds

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer will give up his discretionary account to help fill the budget deficit next year, but the Metro Council is split on whether to follow suit. Each council member is given a total of $205,000 to spend annually, with $75,000 in their Neighborhood Development Fund in addition to a $100,000 Capital Infrastructure […]

Fischer Unveils Budget Plan With No Layoffs or Drastic Cuts

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has presented the Metro Council with his budget plan for the upcoming 2012-13 fiscal year. The spending plan does not raise taxes and balances the budget without Metro employee layoffs or furloughs, and gives non-union city workers a 2 percent raise. Fischer was able to leverage private sectors dollars to help […]

Fischer Will Balance Budget With Department Savings, Insight Payment

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has unveiled a plan to fill the current budget deficit using a variety of department cuts and a settlement from Insight Communications. The city is facing a $12 million shortfall and officials have been clamoring to fill the hole without layoffs or cuts to services. The Fischer administration will use $6.8 […]

City Overtime Report Released

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has released a review of city employee overtime expenses. It includes several recommendations for cutting overtime costs and names dozens of employees who earn more than 15 percent of their income through overtime. The report finds that the city spends about $23 million on overtime each year. The majority of that […]

Fischer Addresses Budget, Occupy and Criticisms Over Campaign Contributions

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer discussed the upcoming city budget, Occupy Louisville demonstrators and the controversy over accepting contributions to pay off his campaign debt during a WFPL News special on Wednesday. Last year, the administration cobbled together savings from a number of one-time stopgaps to close a $22.5 million shortfall in drafting Fischer’s first budget. […]

City Projects $6 Million Deficit Despite Revenue Growth

Louisville Metro Government is facing a $6 million deficit based on early revenue projections. Mayor Greg Fischer’s budget allocates $504.2 million for the general fund, but despite higher receipts in the first three months of the fiscal year the city has another financial shortfall. Chief Financial Officer Steve Rowland told the Metro Council’s Budget Committee […]

Metro Council To Vote On Budget

The Louisville Metro Council will vote on a budget for the upcoming fiscal year at its regular meeting tonight. The council’s budget committee passed an amended version of Mayor Greg Fischer’s proposed spending plan. It adds about $2.5 million in spending for dozens of agencies, based on higher revenue projections. Fischer’s first budget proposal includes […]

Council Set to Conclude Budget Hearings

The Louisville Metro Council is finishing up its month-long budget hearings to revise Mayor Greg Fischer’s spending plan for the next fiscal year. Lawmakers on both side of the aisle say it has been a smoother process than in years past, but the council is likely to add funding to the budget. For the last […]

Mayor’s Office Defends Fischer Flub on Public Safety Figures

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer incorrectly stated the budget for the city’s public safety agencies was $150 million when appropriations for those departments are twice that much, but the mayor’s office says it was a honest misunderstanding. During an interview with WFPL News Wednesday, the mayor discussed his first budget proposal. Fischer has said in the […]

More Council Members Volunteer for Week-Long Furlough

More members of the Louisville Metro Council are answering a call to participate in Mayor Greg Fischer’s week-long furlough program to help fill the city’s budget shortfall. Last week, Council President Jim King, D-10, asked fellow members and their staffs to join the voluntary program for all Metro employees making less than $70,000 annually. The […]