New Report Shows Kentucky Ranks 48th in Child Well-Being

Kentucky continues to rank low in children’s well-being, according to the 2011 Kids Count Data Book. The annual report measures various indicators like socioeconomic status and health. For the past seven years, it’s ranked near the bottom ten states for the overall well-being of children. This year, more than a quarter of Kentucky children live… Continue reading New Report Shows Kentucky Ranks 48th in Child Well-Being

U of L Professor Joins Others in Calling for Change to Fever Treatments for Children

Dr. Jan Sullivan has co-authored a consensus statement in the latest Journal of Pediatrics. The statement says doctors and parents should not necessarily worry about treating a fever if a child is sick. Rather, she says they should treat other symptoms and make sure the child is comfortable.

Children’s Dental Health in KY

STATE OF AFFAIRS 01/26/11: In 2008, the CDC ranked Kentucky 2nd in the nation for poor oral heath. The consequences of inadequate dental care in children range from difficulties with eating and speaking to impaired learning and social abilities to lifelong health problems and vulnerability to infections. Several organizations in our state are fighting back with a variety of education and service programs. Join us as we talk with our guests about how to protect our children and keep their smiles bright.  Listen to the Show

Divorced Kid

Saturday, October 9, 2010 9pm Producer: Sasha Aslanian/American Public Media Listen Again Award-winning former American RadioWorks’ producer Sasha Aslanian explores the “divorce revolution” of the 1970s through the perspective of kids–like herself–who lived through it, and experts who have had three decades to make sense of it. The documentary includes interviews with Avery Corman, the… Continue reading Divorced Kid

How Do Our Kids Count in Kentucky and Indiana?

Given the state of the economy, it should come as no surprise that the number of U.S. families in poverty is on the rise. As the latest Anne E. Casey Kids Count report bears out, poverty is having a devastating effect on the kids of Kentucky and Indiana. Join us on Tuesday as we discuss the latest Kids Count report.

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Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents

The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, but almost 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. And while discussion surrounds the implications of these figures and what they say about the way we approach crime & punishment in this country, one very concrete result is that there are a vast amount of children in the U.S. who have a parent incarcerated. Kids like these have been found to experience shame, trouble in school, and often trouble with the law themselves. On Wednesday we’ll learn about the issues faced by kids whose parents are in prison, and some programs designed to help them.   Listen to the Show

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