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Charter School Supporters Vow to Continue Their Fight

by Kenny Colston on April 9, 2012

When the current Kentucky legislative session ends this week, many issues will be left on the table for future years.

One of those issues is charter schools. Kentucky is among nine states without charters, and the push to change that has been polarizing in Frankfort. A compromise to create a pilot charter project was close to passage last month, but it fell apart.

“Well it certainly looks like charter schools are dead for this General Assembly,” says former Louisville mayoral candidate Hal Heiner. Heiner is the head of a recently-formed group that ran TV ads in support of charters earlier this year.

“You know my hope is that Kentucky would follow Tennessee’s lead for instance where they called a special session for charter schools, their Democratic governor called a special session, they expanded their charter school program,” he says.

Heiner blames teachers’ unions for blocking the legislation. But union leaders say charter schools don’t guarantee academic success. They want the state to wait until the most recently-implemented education reforms take full effect before considering charters.

Heiner declined to say what his new pro-charter group plans to do for the rest of this year.

“Well certainly the growth of the grassroots movement that I think has just in the past year has doubled in terms of what I see in terms of parents saying it’s just simply time for educational choice. This one size fits all system doesn’t really fit all,” he says.

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Legislative Wrangling Kills Two Plans for Education Reform

by Kenny Colston March 27, 2012

An attempt to piggyback charter school legislation on another bill has likely killed two plans for education reform in Kentucky. The state Senate Education committee today added language legalizing charter schools to a charter alternative plan sponsored by Representative Carl Rollins, who chairs the House Education Committee. Charter supporters hoped Rollins would allow the amendment […]

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Rep. Rollins Speaks Out Against Charter Schools

by Devin Katayama March 12, 2012

Kentucky’s charter school bill remains in House committee leaving some concerned over whether Rep. Carl Rollins (D) will give the bill a hearing. Rollins was recently interviewed by CN2 and he, again, restated his position against the schools arguing charters don’t improve the public school system and saying the schools don’t result in student achievement, […]

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Council Members Urge State Lawmakers to Support Charter Schools

by admin February 16, 2012

A bipartisan group of Louisville Metro Council members have signed a letter urging the Kentucky General Assembly to support charter schools legislation. Earlier this week, the House Education Committee held a hearing on a bill that would create charter schools in the state. Several supporters testified that Kentucky is being left behind as one of […]

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After Years of Debate, Charter Schools Bill Gets First Hearing

by Kenny Colston February 14, 2012

After several years, a bill allowing charter schools in Kentucky has received a hearing in a House committee. Advocates for and against the measure spent this morning debating the merits of the education reform in the capitol. Charter school administrators from other states joined Rep. Brad Montell, the bill’s sponsor, and Kentucky Chamber of Commerce president […]

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Charter School Supporters Prepare for House Education Committee Tuesday

by Devin Katayama February 13, 2012

Representatives from the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) are asking state lawmakers to move forward with charter school legislation this year. BAEO representatives held a forum at Quinn Chapel Church in west Louisville Monday night. Nearly 50 people attended the event, where advocates rallied in support of charter school legislation. The key note speaker […]

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Charter Schools Bill Will Get Committee Hearing

by Kenny Colston February 3, 2012

A bill allowing charter schools in Kentucky will get a hearing in the House Education Committee. Chairman Carl Rollins has set February 14th as the hearing date, but that could change if the deadline for candidates to file to run for General Assembly seats is pushed back again. Rollins still doesn’t support charter schools, but […]

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While Rallying for Charter Schools, Supporters Ask Unions to Stand Aside

by Kenny Colston January 24, 2012

Advocates for charter schools in Kentucky took their cause to Frankfort today. A handful of organizations support charter schools. One of the most vocal has been the Black Alliance for Educational Opportunities or BAEO. Its national president, Kenneth Campbell, helped lead the rally for charter schools at the Capitol. And he told the crowd Kentucky’s […]

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Charter School Advocates Release Second TV Ad

by Kenny Colston January 24, 2012

Sensing their time is coming, advocates of charter schools in Kentucky are doubling down on their efforts. One such group, Kentuckians for Reform in Education, or KARE, is out with their second TV advertisement supporting charter schools. KARE is run by former Louisville mayoral candidate Hal Heiner, and the ad is running statewide on network and […]

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Louisville Forum Hears Charter School Debate

by Devin Katayama January 11, 2012

Charter school advocates say Kentucky should join the 41 other states that have adopted legislation allowing charters, which use state money to fund unique education opportunities. The debate over charter schools has been contentious in past years in Kentucky, and this year looks no different while the two sides of Kentucky’s charter school feud say […]

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