Controversial Bonus for MSD Director, Hearing Set for Indiana Secretary of State, Faster Electronic Processing for EPOs, Voter Registration Deadline Tomorrow: Afternoon Review

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is waiting until a state auditor’s review of the Metropolitan Sewer District is complete before making any judgements on a new controversy in the agency. MSD Executive Director Bud Schardein is set to receive a $200,000 bonus from a hidden trust fund. MSD officials say the compensation is standard to retain […]

Indiana Judge Rejects Charlie White Immunity Request

A judge has denied a request from Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White for partial immunity for his testimony before the state’s Recount Commission. The panel will hold a hearing tomorrow on a complaint that White was not a valid candidate for the office he won last November. White does not want his testimony at […]

Hearing Today On Charlie White Immunity Request

From the Associated Press Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White has asked a judge to grant him partial immunity if he testifies before a panel that will decide whether he should remain in office.  Marion Circuit Judge Louis Rosenberg has set a hearing on the issue for today. It comes one day before the Indiana […]

Recount Commission Sets Hearing Date for White Case

The Indiana Recount Commission will rule on Secretary of State Charlie White’s eligibility next month. The panel today set a June 21st hearing date to discuss the merits of a challenge that White’s candidacy is illegitimate because he used the wrong address on his voter registration last year. The commission has already rejected a similar […]

Indiana Recount Commission to Discuss Secretary of State Challenge This Week

After weeks of delays, the Indiana Recount Commission will meet to consider charges against Secretary of State Charlie White. White has been indicted on voter fraud and several other charges stemming from his use of his ex-wife’s address while voting in last year’s primary. The commission has already dismissed a similar complaint that was brought […]

Indiana Secretary of State Appeals Judge’s Decision

Embattled Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White is appealing a decision that gives the State Recount Commission the chance to rule in a dispute over his election. Among other charges, White is accused of voter fraud for using his ex-wife’s address instead of his own when voting in last year’s primary. After White was indicted […]

Measure Would Allow Daniels To Appoint New Secretary of State

The Indiana Senate has approved a measure that would allow Republican Governor Mitch Daniels to appoint a new secretary of state if current officeholder Charlie White is found to be ineligible. Democrats are calling it a blatant power grab.

Judge Asks Recount Commission to Reconsider Indiana Secretary of State’s Eligibility

A judge in Indianapolis says Democrats’ argument that Republican Charlie White is not eligible to serve as Indiana Secretary of State may be valid, but the state Recount Commission should rule on the issue. White was indicted earlier this year on charges of fraud stemming from his use of his ex-wife’s address and not his […]

White Pleads Not Guilty on Felony Charges

White was indicted last week on seven counts, including voter fraud, theft and perjury. He appeared in court today Friday to answer to the charges.

The indictment stems from White’s use of his ex-wife’s address on his voter registration during the May primary. He was living in a different precinct at the time, and attributes the mixup to his busy schedule.