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Victims of domestic violence will now receive Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs) more quickly in Jefferson County by using a new electronic process.

“Individuals seeking a protection order previously faced an inefficient and often a lengthy process that relied on paper copies and (officials) had to walk the floors to find a judge and for approval,” said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

EPOs provide victims of domestic violence with temporary protection from alleged abusers while they find more permanent solutions. The new electronic process makes communication between agencies that respond to domestic violence faster and more efficient, said Circuit Court Clerk David Nicholson.

“Under the old system it was not unusual for it to take several hours to get an EPO authorized and to the sheriff’s office. Now with this new technology the communication and the EPO can be electronically authorized and electronically available to the sheriff’s office in a matter of a few minutes,” said Nicholson.

The electronic EPO is the first of its kind in the country, said Chief Judge of Family Court Stephen George.

The time from a victim’s statement, to a judge’s approval, to the sheriff’s department was averaged at 30 minutes last week, said George.

Even though electronic EPOs don’t solve every problem, the time the new system saves in domestic violence situations is crucial, said Marta Maria Miranda, president of the Center for Women and Families.

“This is a deterrent. EPOs work 80 percent of the time. Nothing works 100 percent of the time. If someone wants to kill you they’re going to. But they do work 80 percent of the time. They’re crucial,” said Miranda. [click to continue…]

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Center Seeking Gift Card Donations

by Rick Howlett December 3, 2010

Spokesperson Steven Bowling says the gift cards make it safer for residents to shop for their children.

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New Housing Planned At Center For Women And Families

by Rick Howlett October 14, 2010

The Louisville housing is part of an $8.8 million scattered-site project. There are twenty-six units under construction in Paducah, Murray and Morehead.

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Dr. Troutman Discusses His Decision To Leave Louisville

by Gabe Bullard September 8, 2010

Outgoing director of public health Dr. Adewale Troutman says his decision to step down was not entirely politically motivated.

Troutman announced Tuesday he would leave Louisville for a job with the University of South Florida.

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Denise Troutman Stepping Down From CWF

by Rick Howlett September 7, 2010

Denise Vazquez Troutman will relocate to South Florida with her husband, and is stepping down as president and CEO of the Center for Women and Families, which helps victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

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My Morning Jacket Announces It Will Play with Louisville Youth Orchestra

by ekramer July 14, 2010

The Louisville-based band My Morning Jacket announced today it will perform at the new KFC Yum! Center this fall. My Morning Jacket will perform at the new arena Oct. 29 with the Louisville Youth Orchestra, with some of the proceeds going to the organization.

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Thousands Participate In Second Denim Day

by Gabe Bullard March 31, 2009

Tuesday is the Center for Women and Families’ second-annual denim-day.

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Families & Economic Stress

by rfisher March 20, 2009

We’ve all felt it these past several months, the mounting tension, the low level but persistent anxiety over the economy. But for some of us, it’s more than just a bad feeling. Economic stress is taking its toll on American families, from an increase in domestic abuse to stressed out kids to older people on fixed incomes just trying to get by, often while taking care of elderly relatives. So what’s a family to do?

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