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1:06pm: The first primary in the south is January 21 in South Carolina, where Newt Gingrich is 20 points ahead of Mitt Romney. But Politico reports this week that southern conservatives are divided—some voters have a problem with Gingrich’s three marriages and past infidelity. Others are concerned about Mitt Romney’s faith. We’ll talk about the unsettled south.

1:20pm: The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending a total ban on cell phone use while driving—including sending and receiving text messages and using hands-free devices. The regulations are controversial among law enforcement officials who say they would be difficult to enforce, as well as among people who rely on hands-free cell phone communication while driving for their livelihood. We talk to Mary Maguire of AAA, who says it would be difficult to garner the kind of public support needed to forge these recommendations into law.

1:35pm: Politicians and economic development officials like to promote “magic bullet” projects—the idea that tackling just one project, attracting just one industry, can solve many problems at once. But do those big projects ever pay off? We’ll continue a four part series today looking at Cleveland’s success with health care. Can other cities copy the formula?

1:50pm: In Italy they’re traditionally eaten at Easter, but for some families, “sweet bows,” or farfallette dolci, have become a Christmas staple. Fans of these crunchy fried confections find them delicious and addictive, so while we’ll share the recipe, we can’t be held responsible for any dependence you might develop.

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After Ky. Crash, NTSB Recommends Cell Phone Ban For Truckers

by Rick Howlett September 13, 2011

A deadly crash in Kentucky last year has prompted the the National Transportation Safety Board to recommend that states ban texting and cell phone use by truckers and other commercial drivers when they’re behind the wheel. The agency issued the recommendations after determining that a driver whose tractor-trailer crashed into a van, killing 11 people, […]

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Deadline Extended For Expanded Indiana No-Call List

by Rick Howlett May 19, 2011

Indiana residents who missed a deadline for adding their cell phones numbers to the state’s do-not-call registry blocking telemarketing calls have extra time to sign up. Molly Butters with the state Attorney General’s Office says the deadline, which was last Tuesday night, has been extended until 11:59pm Monday to accommodate late demand. People who sign […]

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Indiana Texting Bill Narrowly Clears Legislature

by Rick Howlett April 29, 2011

From the Associated Press The Indiana Senate has narrowly given final legislative approval to a bill that would make it illegal for drivers to send or read text messages. The Senate voted 26-24 today in favor of the bill after several senators argued that the ban wouldn’t be enforceable because officers may not be able […]

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