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Chief White Asks FOP For Compromise

Louisville Police Chief Robert White is asking the police union to once again to consider department budget cuts proposed by Metro Government.

White and the mayor have asked the Fraternal Order of Police for concessions that would trim $1.3 million from their budget. Monday night, the FOP rejected several budget cutting options proposed by the city.

White says that’s not acceptable.

“Something is going to have to give,” he says. “We cannot reach the goal of the $20 million plus deficit that’s facing the city without the police department providing their fair share.”

White says he’s spoken with the head of the union since the vote, and he’s hopeful a compromise can be reached.

“I think a reasonable person will say, ‘Boy, that really is a tough pill to swallow but everybody else is swallowing a pill and most people are swallowing a much larger pill than what we’re asking them to swallow’” he says.

The FOP was asked to either forgo pay raises, cut back on vacation days or pay more to use their cruisers outside of work. White says the city can change the take-home car program without the union’s permission. The FOP says that’s not true.

Local News

Louisville Plants Are Part of Ford's Future Production

The Kentucky Truck Plant and Louisville Assembly Plant are part of Ford Motor Company’s plan for its production future. The company announced it lost $8.7 billion in the second quarter of this year, and it’s re-working its factories to produce more small cars and fewer SUVs.

Louisville’s two plants will each get a multi-million dollar re-tooling to produce new vehicles. Mayor Jerry Abramson says Ford executives have a lot of respect for the product that comes out of Louisville.

“The vice-president of global manufacturing made that very clear today on the conference call, that literally the men and women and the quality of what’s put out here, made the difference. Ford knows these men and women are tempered by the challenges they’d had to work with in the past, and they’re ready to go into the future,” says Abramson.

The Truck Plant will continue to make Super-Duty trucks, and take on production of the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. Production is to begin early next year.

The Assembly Plant will be re-tooled in 2010, and start production of a new, still-unidentified car by 2011.