Governor Steve Beshear’s 45 vetoes to the executive branch budget will remain intact.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo says the House Democratic caucus chose not to override any vetoes, despite the objections of individual lawmakers.

“But collectively as a body the caucus chose to support the governor’s decisions to veto. He gave a very good presentation and the will of the body speaks,” Stumbo says.

Beshear line item vetoed many individual projects that lawmakers added to the executive branch budget. He also vetoed the Senate’s preferred language that would have required an additional 80 million dollars in cuts.

Because the House will not override, any action taken by the Senate is moot since it takes both chambers to override gubernatorial vetoes.

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Outside of Budget Line Items, Beshear Doesn’t Expect to Veto Other Bills

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Lawmakers Officially Approve Budget Bills

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Expansion of Preschool Funding Cut in Budget Compromise

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Lawmakers Reach Early Morning Budget Compromise

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Stumbo Says Budget Talks Have Stalled

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School Construction Could Be A Roadblock in Budget Talks

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Lawmakers Start Budget Talks, Instant Compromise Unlikely

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Stumbo Says Budget Compromise Should Be Easy

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Senate Passes Budget Bills, Must Compromise With House

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After hours of closed-door meetings, the Kentucky Senate approved budgets for the three branches of state government Thursday night. The House previously approved its own versions of the budgets. The Senate kept the House’s legislative plan intact but modified the executive and judicial budgets. The two chambers must now form a conference committee to work […]

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