Religious Literacy

“Religious Literacy” sounds like a Sunday school class for kids. But according to author and Boston University Professor Stephen Prothero, we could all use a little literacy when it comes to knowing about the faiths of the world. From Christianity to Buddhism, Americans are often in the dark when it comes to faith. So what you say? Prothero contends religion is at the basis of many of the world’s events and if we don’t know the basics, America will not be able to have an effective role in world events.Listen to the Show

Tibetan Buddhist Teacher Speaks in Louisville

A leading Tibetan Buddhist teacher speaks at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary tomorrow. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. Tsoknyi Rinpoche teaches the Dzogchen practice of Buddishm, which promotes awareness thorough practiced meditation. He also studied under one of the teachers of the Catholic Monk Thomas Merton. The talk, entitled “Nature of Mind,” has been organized… Continue reading Tibetan Buddhist Teacher Speaks in Louisville