Brooks Wicker

The latest fundraising reports from the Federal Election Commission show Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth with an immense lead over Republican challenger Brooks Wicker in Kentucky’s Third Congressional District race.

Seeking a fourth term, Yarmuth raised over $80,000 in contributions during the first three months of the year and has more than $432,000 in cash on-hand. The incumbent does have a primary opponent in perennial candidate Burrel Farnsley, but he hasn’t raised any money.

Wicker, who is a Louisville accountant, raised a mere $3,000 during the first quarter, and $2,329 of that came from his own pocket. The fundraising canyon is wider when their coffers are taken into account.

The GOP challenger is unopposed in his primary, but has only $634 in campaign cash, which means Yarmuth has a 681-to-1 advantage.

The Wicker campaign could not be reached for comment.

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