Love Hurts: Break-Up Songs

STATE OF AFFAIRS 02/14/11: Have you found yourself alone again this Valentine’s Day? Was your man lying when he shoulda been truthin’? Do you cry when the jukebox plays B-17? Even when your guilty feet have got no rhythm, a good breakup song can remind you how you almost had it all. This Monday, we can all agree love bites, and reminisce about the ones who give it a bad name. Call someone who cares & let us know about your favorite somebody done somebody wrong songs!  Listen to the Show

Songs of Summer

The same types of music seem to appear and re-appear summer after summer, but no one seems to mind. In fact, that is what makes summer time so relaxing and enjoyable. These familiar songs bring back memories of the beach, fun in the sun, summer romances, and adventures with family and friends. Tune in on Monday as we talk about what makes a summer song, and how these hot jams make our summers all the more memorable. You just might find yourself singing along!  Listen to the Show

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