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Super PACs May Give Massie Edge in Fourth District Primary

The most competitive primary in Kentucky will come to an end Tuesday.

Seven Republicans are vying to replace retiring incumbent Geoff Davis in the Fourth Congressional District. County judge-executives Gary Moore and Thomas Massie and state representative Alecia Webb-Edgington are considered the frontrunners. Those three have raised the most money and former GOP operative Les Fugate says they have the best organizations. But he says outside help from two Super PACs has tilted the odds in Massie’s favor.

“At this point my guess would be that Thomas Massie would be the winner, just from the sheer volume of ads that have gone up,” he says. “But the question is which messages are resonating with voters and the three candidates sound a lot alike,” he says. “I would just say it wouldn’t surprise me to see any of those three candidates win. But what’s really important here is that whoever wins that race is most likely going to be the congressperson. It’s really difficult for a Democrat to win in the Fourth Congressional District and now with redistricting it’s even more Republican than it was before.”

Two Democrats are vying for their party’s nomination in the district.


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In Kentucky’s Fourth District, Candidates Make Final Push for Votes

With one week to go before Kentucky’s primary, the seven GOP candidates vying to replace Congressman Geoff Davis are making their final pitch for votes.

Gary Moore, Thomas Massie and Alecia Webb-Edgington are considered the frontrunners, based on endorsements and financial reports.

Massie has earned Senator Rand Paul’s endorsement, while Webb-Edgington’s supporters include Davis and former Senator Jim Bunning. Moore, however, leads in fundraising.

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Moore Launches First Attack Ad Against Massie In Fourth District Primary

The first ad attack in the Fourth Congressional District GOP primary has hit the airwaves.

Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore released the ad district-wide Tuesday. It attacks fellow candidate and Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie for increasing spending in his county budget. The ad goes on to say Moore has helped his county, by lowering unemployment and giving it one of the best credit ratings in the state.

Check it out:

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Moore Picks Up Second Pro-Life Endorsement in Fourth Congressional District Race

Republican congressional candidate Gary Moore now has endorsements from two major pro-life groups.

Moore received the endorsement of Kentucky Right to Life today. Moore is also the Boone County Judge-Executive, and he previously received the Northern Kentucky Right to Life endorsement.

“Now having sole endorsements from Kentucky Right to Life, along with the sole endorsement from Northern Kentucky Right to Life, Gary Moore has the exacta on pro-life issues and is the only proven social conservative in this race,” says Moore’s campaign manager Jonathan Duke.

Moore is one of seven Republicans hoping to replace outgoing Congressman Geoff Davis, who is retiring.

There are two Democratic candidates also running for the seat.

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Northern Kentucky Super PAC’s First Campaign Piece Draws Criticism

A campaign mailer from Northern Kentucky Super PAC AmeriGOP is raising the ire of one candidate in the Fourth Congressional District Republican primary.

AmeriGOP openly supports Tea Party candidate Thomas Massie. The super PAC‘s first campaign piece is a flyer that attacks the other two frontrunners in the race, Gary Moore and Alecia Webb-Edgington.

The flyer calls Moore a tax-and-spend Republican because of a parks initiative he championed in his role as Boone County Judge-Executive. The super PAC calls out Webb-Edgington for missing votes as a state representative.

“I’ll say this all this news about Massie’s relationship with a Super PAC not only violates his own promise to avoid politics as usual but it’s not even really a Super PAC,” says Moore’s campaign manager Jonathan Duke. “It’s just two guys that want to literally give Thomas Massie more money than the law allows. And with Massie’s full knowledge and encouragement, they found a loophole to do just that.”

Duke says Moore’s parks initiative was cleared by Americans for Tax Reform and was revenue-neutral, and he says Massie is violating the intent of federal campaign finance laws, which prohibit candidates from coordinating with super PACs.

“Massie should not be excused from his complicity in this scheme by reading a disclaimer written by an attorney, who by the way was accused of coordination less than a year ago. The voters should see right through this charade and we certainly don’t need Congressmen who come with disclaimers,” he says.

Massie says he hasn’t seen the flyer, but he agrees with both characterizations of his opponents. Both Massie and those involved in the Super PAC have denied claims of  illegal coordination.


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National Club For Growth Endorses Massie in Fourth Congressional District Primary

A national conservative organization has thrown its support behind Thomas Massie in Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District GOP Primary.

The Club for Growth announced its endorsement today, saying members believe Massie would best emulate U.S. Senator Rand Paul, one of the organization’s most-loved lawmakers.

The club has not announced any plans for further involvement in the primary, but officials say they could send money to Massie if the race looks close, and the club may run TV ads if necessary. 

“In every race we always bundle contributions from our members to candidates as the situation warrants,” says Club for Growth spokesman Barney Keller. “If we feel like Tom Massie will win by 20 points, and we hope he does obviously, we won’t need to support him as much with the individual contributions, if we think its close we’ll certainly look at doing television advertisements.”

The national Club for Growth is known for its Tea Party roots and for making scorecards that measure how conservative lawmakers are. Alecia Webb-Edgington and Gary Moore are the other frontrunners in the primary. Keller says the group didn’t interview them because their political records don’t line up with his organization’s beliefs.

“We interviewed Tom Massie and we were very impressed by his commitment to economic freedom. You know we don’t need to interview Mrs. Webb-Edgington or Gary Moore,” he says.

The group often endorses Tea Party-leaning candidates in Republican primaries. When reached for comment, Massie was unaware of the endorsement.

Jonathan Duke, the campaign manager for Moore, says the endorsement is “not the proudest moment” for the Club for Growth. He says the group was swayed by misinformation about Moore, who Duke says will be a big advocate for the same things the Club for Growth supports.

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Internal Poll Shows Massie Leading Packed Primary

Republican congressional candidate Thomas Massie released an internal poll showing him leading the crowded primary race for Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional seat.

The poll of approximately 800 likely voters conducted by Wenzel Strategies shows Massie up by 10 points over state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington, who comes in second. Massie gobbles up 32 percent, Webb-Edgington has 22 percent and Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore finishes third with 17 percent. The other four GOP candidates come in with single-digit numbers among them approximately 800 likely GOP voters.

From Wenzel Strategies:

The survey shows Massie leads in all regions of the district except Louisville, where he and Webb-Edgington are tied at 19% support. Massie also leads among men and women. He also leads among self-identified TEA Party conservatives, which comprised 55% of the survey sample. Among TEA Party conservatives, Massie wins 42%, compared to 18% for Webb-Edgington and 12% for Moore.

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Davis, Bunning Endorse Webb-Edgington for Congress

Congressman Geoff Davis and former U.S. Senator Jim Bunning announced they are backing Republican congressional candidate Alecia Webb-Edgington in the crowded primary race for Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District seat.

The two endorsements are a needed boost for Webb-Edgington’s campaign, which trails third in fundraising behind Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore and Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie.

Bunning held the congressional seat for 12 years before being elected to the Senate, and Davis currently holds the office, but announced his retirement late last year.

“Jim Bunning and Geoff Davis have set the gold standard for principled conservative leadership in Congress and effective constituent services,” says Webb-Edgington. “I am truly honored to have their support and will seek to follow their example if I’m elected.”

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Webb-Edgington Says She’ll Prevail in 4th District Race Despite Money Disadvantage

One candidate in the GOP primary for Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District seat is shaking off a disappointing fundraising report.

State Representative Alecia Webb-Edgington was at one point considered the favorite in the crowded field, due to her party connections and early support.

But in recent reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Webb-Edgington has fallen behind two other candidates, Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore and Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie. Both raised more than $200,000.

Webb-Edgington raised $116,000. She says the financial disadvantage doesn’t mean she’s out of the race.

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Webb-Edgington Unveils First Ad

State Representative Alecia Webb-Edgington, R-Fort Wright, has launched her first television ad in the GOP primary race for Kentucky’s 4th congressional district seat.

The 30-second commercial plays up Webb-Edgington’s experience in law enforcement as a state trooper and calls out Republicans and Democrats for not being tough on cutting government spending. The two-term state lawmaker talks about arresting drug traffickers and child predators while working undercover.

“As a Kentucky state trooper I went undercover to bust drug dealers and child predators, and I hauled in some pretty dangerous characters on the highway too. After fighting real criminals these guys in Washington don’t scare me one bit,” she says.

Check it out:

Webb-Edgington is one of seven Republicans vying to replace outgoing Congressman Geoff Davis, who is retiring. The ad noticeably neglects to mention Webb-Edgington’s experience as a state lawmaker, which has been a source of criticism as of late.