Blue Ribbon Tax Commission

State Tax Overhaul Panel Begins Regional Hearings

by Rick Howlett on May 30, 2012

From Chad Lampe, Kentucky Public Radio

Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson and Kentucky’s Blue Ribbon Tax Commission are seeking public comment to help develop recommendations on overhauling the state tax code.

Abramson says around 100 people attended the first of six regional public hearings last night in Paducah. The commission wraps up public meetings in August and will have three months to finish the plan by a November deadline. Abramson is hopeful the plan will pass the legislature.

“I’m sure there will be people that will disagree with whatever the consensus decision recommendations are from this blue ribbon group. But, you need a majority. The hope is that we’ll be able to with democratic and republican legislators on the commission that they that they will help us with their respective caucuses to move the proposals forward,” he said.

With the plan complete before Thanksgiving, the governor could call a special session to pass the recommendation, which would only require a simple majority of votes in each chamber. If Gov. Beshear waits until the next legislative session in January it would take a super majority in each chamber to pass the legislation.

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Tax Consultants Plan to Consider Different Approaches as They Advise Commission

by Kenny Colston May 4, 2012

A group of three economists hopes to provide key input to Kentucky’s tax commission this summer. The Blue Ribbon Tax Commission picked three professors to act as consultants as the group considers changes to the state’s tax code. Two are from the University of Kentucky and one is from the University of Tennessee. UK professor […]

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Tax Commissions Hears Past Reports, Delays Picking A Consultant

by Kenny Colston April 10, 2012

A commission tasked with coming up with elements of a new tax code for Kentucky held its second meeting in Frankfort today. The group is chaired by Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson and is made up of business leaders from across the state. During the all-afternoon meeting, the group received overviews of the dozen tax commissions […]

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Beshear Unveils Tax Commission Members

by Kenny Colston February 9, 2012

Governor Steve Beshear has put together a bipartisan group of 23 Kentuckians to serve on his tax commission. The group is made up partially of lawmakers from each party, although they won’t be able to vote on commission issues. Other members include former University of Kentucky president Lee Todd, banker and Republican fundraiser Marion Forcht, […]

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Williams Avoids Comment on Beshear’s Change of Heart on Tax Reform

by Kenny Colston January 6, 2012

Senate President David Williams is staying out of the mud when it comes to commenting on Governor Steve Beshear’s new tax commission. Williams proposed his own commission last legislative session. It would have included tax experts, economists and others and charged them with completely re-writing Kentucky’s tax code. The new tax code would then be […]

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