Barry Barker

With the closure of the Sherman Minton Bridge and the re-routing of more than 80,000 cars every weekday, officials are urging commuters to use public transportation. Since Monday morning, TARC has added buses to several cross-river routes.

Barry Barker is the Executive Director of TARC.

“What we’re doing is making sure that our buses leave where they pick people up at the same time everybody has come to expect,” he said. “We can’t guarantee them that we’re going to get them there at the same time, but at least if you’ve been catching a 6:15am bus, that bus will be there at 6:15.”

Barker says he’s noticed an increase in riders this week as people traveling between Indiana and Kentucky consider alternatives to ease their commute.

“We’re trying to get the message across to folks, take the bus and take a break,” he said. “Get on the bus, you can sightsee, you can read, you can learn how to knit, essentially whatever people want to do, and just leave the hassle of driving to us.”

TARC also offers Park and Ride locations in southern Indiana for travel across the Kennedy and Clark Memorial Bridges.

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